So Here’s the Plan


After Sunday there is likely only 5 more scenes left until the end of this current rewrite. Taking Back Erebus will be officially done with.

Now comes the question. Do you want to see the bits where Alex has a PoV? They aren’t in the ‘book’ so to speak but AJ wanted to write them so we knew exactly what happened when I wasn’t around.

While we wrap up the First Vestige, book 3 in this arc so we aren’t posting a book that’s not finished its first draft. It makes for posting easier.

There are 7 or 8 Alex scenes for ya’ll, that fill you in on what goes down. So next weekend? probably!

OH and then AJ’s gonna work on a fluff piece that is canon, you will get to see that after the first vestige is posted here!


  1. “Do you want to see the bits where Alex has a PoV?” enthusiastically waving hands in the air I do! :D

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    1. Nox says:

      I know you would :)

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