Meet Garrett

I took Alex’s hand in mine. It was a little possessive but it was more I needed his strength and I needed him to know Ant meant nothing, that it was just the bite.

It’s nothing, pretty boy. I see it. Hate that he has that effect on you but I know he’s your friend, don’t worry about it. Focus on the asshole in front of you not the ones watching your back.

I couldn’t help laughing out loud as my train of thought made Alex blush for the very explicit thought I had of him.

Ant shook his head. “Is this what it’s like living with you two? Get a room.”

Alex laughed. “We’ll be in line, the fucking room is taken.”

“Alex,” I chided him but was laughing. Laker and Matt were very into each other. First loves were like that I think.

“It’s not first love, Nox,” Ant said.

“Stay out of my head.”

“You know I can’t. And you project so it’s easier. You know your brothers smell like wolf right? It’s getting stronger every day and every day they are with you it gets even more powerful. I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned early.”

I stopped dead. “You fucking mean they’ve bonded? That Matt’s family after what, two weeks?”

“You and your fucking magic, Nox. It messes up everything around you,” Ant said.

“I’m confused,” Alex said. “How can they be werewolves?”

I sighed. “We’ll talk about it later, we’re here.” I stopped in front of a door. It looked like every other door on the hall. It looked like every other door in the whole place. But I knew it was Garrett’s without a doubt. I felt his power like a slick slime radiating from the door. I squeezed Alex’s hand tighter and knocked on the door. I felt like I was pushing my hand through sludge but there was nothing there. It was just magic of the place, but this magic tormented me my whole life.

I heard movement on the other side of the door and so did Ant, he took a step closer to me. I wasn’t exactly sure why he was protecting me, I wasn’t exactly defenceless.

You are when it comes to Garrett. echoed in my head from two different directions. Alex’s hand was tight in mine and I didn’t know who was holding on tighter. But they were right. I was already paralysed and Garrett hadn’t even opened the door yet.

The moment I saw his hazel green eyes I felt like I was five again. His whole body smirked at me. “What do I owe this pleasure, Nox?” He didn’t even look at Ant or Alex. Just me.

“What do you know of nightmares?”

“Are you accusing me of something?” he asked but I knew he knew what I was talking about.

“Not a thing,” I said. Though I wasn’t sure if that was fear or the truth talking. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and centred myself on the voices in my head, on the strength around me. And there was a third feeling one I didn’t understand but I didn’t care, it hummed right along with the rest of my magic. I used all that when I opened my eyes and smiled brightly at the man who had tormented me. “Someone latched a nightmare on to me, I want to know what you know of things like that?”

“That’s dark forbidden magic – demonic even. Why would I know anything?”

“The nightmares I had were the same ones you made me see as a child,” I said flatly.

He reached out to touch my cheek and Ant’s hand was there to intercept. “You will not touch him. Not here, not again. Not ever,” Ant growled and Garrett took a step back.

“Come in why don’t you three?”

“We’ll stay right here thank you,” Alex said.

I hadn’t even budged at the offer, which made Garrett frown. He closed his eyes and shifted his posture, shaking himself. “Enough of this,” he growled. “Why are you here? You know Garrett was the one to command my child.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Why, the most powerful person in the known world says. Why break a child who is to become a god? Why break a boy who can find his soul mate? Why break a teenager whose most powerful allies have been alive for centuries? Why break a man who can kill you?”

The demon had taken Garrett’s body, for how long I don’t know but it’s black eyes gave it away as did it’s words. “Why? Because I can? Because I was told to? Because I enjoy it. Your fears are glorious. And I will have them again. Come a little closer.”

I took a step, but there were hands keeping me from moving. “There are other ways to break a boy who wants to save the world.” Fire, air, earth and water rose from the demon – a feat Garrett himself couldn’t do. I stood in awe and fear and wonder and I knew my theories were right. I was fucking right. My head was a foggy mess but I saw the bolts of power flow from the demon straight at us. But no matter how hard I tried to clear the fog I couldn’t get the elements to behave.

It’s all in your head. I heard the thought before a fire blast blew Alex away from me and the other elements took Ant from me. Garrett didn’t throw another attack at me, he ran past me, pushed past me and I had a choice to make. Ant was lying on the ground and I was frantically trying to put the fire out. I’m fine. I heard even through the screams.

“You are not fine,” I shouted.

I am. I promise. I got this. It just looks bad. I don’t know what the fuck it is but go.

I looked at Alex struggling with the fire, it wasn’t squirming or burning and he was definitely not screaming because he hurt, it was hot, but he wasn’t burning. “Fuck! I’ll be back. Ant should wake up soon.” I ran the way Garret had run. “Fuck!” I said even as I took the stairs to the roof. Why did they always go to the fucking roof.


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  1. ambroseandelsie Avatar

    “Why did they always go to the fucking roof.” I think it’s a simple matter of drama. If they run to the basement, well. That isn’t very dramatic, unless there’s something horrible lurking in there. Running out the front door would make them look cowardly. Running to the roof is so inherently dangerous it can’t help but be dramatic. One slip, one strong push and either the villain or the hero could fall. Fall to either their death or severe impairment.

    Also, there’s the other advantage to being on the roof: dramatic hair whooshing. Yes, one’s hair can blow about one’s head while they’re standing on ground level, but it just doesn’t have the same effect. Being up on a roof makes one’s hair blowing around seem so much more dramatic and edgy and awesome. Simple truth. :D

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    1. Nox Avatar

      Lol. So all for the drama not the common sense got it.

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      1. ambroseandelsie Avatar
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