It’s All Yours

We wrapped up dinner and Alex and I got dressed to go meet Ant. Alex just looked in the mirror and pushed back his hair. “I should make it a mowhawk. It’s long enough.” He smirked in the mirror. “You think you’d like that?”

I laughed, “As long as you don’t dye it blonde again you can do anything you want and I won’t get upset.” Alex pushed his hair into spike on top of his head. “How do you make yours stay I don’t see any product?”

I pulled on a pair of jeans and walked up behind Alex and ran my fingers through his hair. He let loose a small gurgle of pleasure. It wasn’t a moan, more like what Homer Simpson did when he saw dough nuts. I smiled against his neck and pushed a little power into his hair to make it stand on end straight up in a mowhawk like he wanted. “Is that what you want?”

Alex rolled his eyes, “Do you do everything with your elements?”

I shrugged. “Sometimes it’s easier.”

I pulled on another t-shirt and then my hoodie and before I could get it all situated on my shoulders Alex was pushing it back and reading the shirt. “I make cute babies.” He smirked.

“It’s true, ain’t it?”

Alex nodded, “Yes. How long can you keep this veil thing in your room?”

“Forever,” I said.

“So why don’t you keep one around you all the time?”

“They don’t move so well. The sound and the other things I’m doing to keep me inside, the magic doesn’t move well. It shifts and can break easily.”

Alex sighed. “And you don’t like shielding?”

I shrugged. “I don’t usually have a five year old in my head,” I said grabbing the book and putting it in a backpack so we could take it without drawing attention to it. Alex watched me do it. “It’s not going to bite you,” I said.

He grinned, “No just burn me.”

“I’ll save you – forever and always.”

Alex shook his head. “Come on let’s go.” He grabbed my hand. “Rider watch the kids please since your brother and his boyfriend seem to be enjoying a little one on one time.”

Rider sighed, “At least they aren’t humping on the couch.”

Alex looked at me. “Your brother needs that little talk, the one about how waiting can make it better.”

I nodded. “Maybe I can figure out a way to separate them all so they have their own private spaces. The apartment isn’t meant for this many people.”

Alex shook his head. “No it’s not. But that’s for another time. We have the prince of darkness waiting. And I know you hate being late.”

We left via the elevator and Alex had me pulled against him the whole time. Sandy from the gym was there as we rode down and she kept staring at us as Alex sucked on my neck and I let him. He bit hard and I groaned completely forgetting our audience. Alex chuckled in my head. His fingers trailed down my chest and to my crotch, his fingers grabbed my cock through my jeans and rubbed hard. I moaned and leaned my head back, his fingers kneaded me, and his mouth worked against my neck. The girl Rider had fucked stared at us the whole time. And Alex was marking his territory and making it a show. I think it was a lot to who we were going to meet too.

The doors dinged open and Alex winked at the girl and took my hand and I followed behind him like the good little boy I was. As soon as we were out the doors Alex died laughing, “You are evil.”

“Me? You had to grab me?” I laughed, “Not that I minded it was a great distraction.”

“She enjoyed the show and I killed two birds with one stone.” Alex smirked proudly. “Well more than two I think.”

“You marked me which you love, I smell like you when we see Ant and what else?”

“I distracted you on the elevator, and I got to mark my territory,” Alex said straight up.

We walked to the AU building hand in hand. Alex whispered in my ear as we walked. “And you are all worked up so when we get home I can take advantage of it.”

I was all smiles when we got to the shadows of the AU building and a third party stepped out beside us. “You know I’d almost think the two of you were back together again. Alex.” Ant looked across me to him. “It’s good to see you had a change of heart. Nox. Don’t fuck this up.”

“Shut up,” I said. “You want some coffee? I have a few things to ask you.”

“And we had to do it here?” Ant asked.

“It’ll save time,” I said. “Coffee?” I asked again.

“Yeah. Alex do you drink coffee at all hours of the day?” Ant smirked. “No, I’d imagine now it’s time to drink something a little stronger.”

“We could go to the new bar that opened on the third floor,” I suggested. “I can get coffee there.”

Ant laughed, “Your boy here, once he abstains from something Jesus Fuck don’t try to tempt him with something else. He has maybe two beers now. Nothing harder unless it’s mixed in with coffee or milk with his father.” Ant nodded, “Though I guess it does beat the alternatives. Angel is not very happy he lost one of his best nepenthe users. Even if the mere sell could get him killed, maybe because he could. That kid is still having a hard time adjusting to being a legit vampire and not some blood thug.”

“Nepenthe?” Alex asked.

“It’s the only drug on the black market that gets a Venatori high, it can kill a human in small doses so it’s highly illegal to sell to them.”

“And you’re half human,” Alex finished for me.

I nodded. “And Venatori so yeah the risk is greater if I’d gotten caught high as a kite on it. Thankfully my go to was to fall asleep and have vivid dreams. The nightmares were especially brutal, but I always remembered waking up from them knowing I’d dreamt of a blue eyed boy.”

We were already at the coffee shop, Alex had guided us with a smirk. “Coffee is good any time of the day. I’ll go get it, while you two sit and talk. How does the fucking prince of darkness take his coffee?”

“Ask for a Red Latté.” Ant grinned, “Tell him it’s for me, he won’t flinch or think you are crazy. Chris is a good kid, still can’t believe that he and Andre are really gonna stick it out with Dom. That’s hard to do, fucking werewolves always smell like wet dog.”

“Dom is good to him. Thanks Alex,” I said pressing a kiss to his lips before he left to grab us all some coffee. I sat down at a table and Ant sat across from me.

Before I could say anything Ant was leaning back in his chair. “So that ring.”

“Don’t ask please, I don’t want to have to lie to you.”

He grinned. “I’m proud of you. Don’t stop there, make sure you keep asking him things, Nox. Your don’t ask, don’t tell policy gets old real quick and I really did mean it when I said don’t fuck this one up.”

I nodded. “Okay. But can we talk about my love life later. I have a few things important things, to talk to you about.”

“I feel the book in your bag. Fucking telepath and his schemes. Benji’s here because of vampire business. He’s under my protection. Well actually he’s under yours since some of the vamps after him don’t really fear the son of the hound, but the hound’s Venatori pet yeah that they do. And your boyfriend.” Ant smirked because he knew he was more than that.” He stole the book Cari’s been watching over for millennium right out from under them and they didn’t even know know it. We’ve had to put word out on the street that the telepath that stole the book is under your protection too. Though the one rumor that stuck was that he was your lover. Everyone loves a good lovers quarrel.”

Alex came back and sat a red cup in front of Ant. “So, your vampire friend doesn’t shield well.” But it was me he turned to. “Do all them serve blood in the coffee?”

Ant laughed before he took a look drink of his very hot coffee. “Only the ones with the blood red signs. The rest are a bright red.”

“Everyone I’ve ever seen has that color sign.”

I smiled. “They realized they have a bigger market and started expanding, but they have to have a vampire population big enough and at least one vampire who’s willing to be a barrista. It’s illegal to sell blood to a human. It’s a whole lot of extra licensing they have to go through.”

“Holy fucking Christ. Am I really that unknowing?” Alex said.

“You’re human.” Ant and I said at the same time. But Ant continued, “The book you took, Mr. Kennedy, Il Cane would like to inform you, that it’s yours now. But if you sell it on the black market she’ll hunt you down, kill you and know it will be the last kill she will ever make.”

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