Powerful Magic

I took my time getting dressed because Alex was watching me. I put on boxers and a tank top and a pair of shorts to walk around the house in. If it had just been my brothers I’d have left it at boxers, but with Matt, the twins and Drake here at the moment none of that sounded appropriate. So dressed I was.

Alex wrapped me in his arms, “You sure we can’t play a little longer.”

I looked over at the book then back to Alex, “Until we get that book taken care of I’d prefer not to burn down my apartment, and the building.”

Alex looked at the book that was still a soft shade of pink. “You know that’s your fault right?”

I sighed, “Yeah probably. But if it’s meant for vampires then why is it reacting to my fucked up shit?”

Alex shrugged. “Call your vampire prince, I’m going to see what everyone else is up to.” Alex pressed a kiss to my lips and I moaned deep in my throat and he chuckled as he left my bedroom.

Fee shot out the bedroom door after him. Stupid cat!

I sat down on the bed looking at the stupid book and grabbed my phone from my jeans that I’d folded nicely after my impromptu dressing session. Alex had watched me then too. I think he was laughing at me, me and my neat freakish ways. If he could only see what I saw he’d understand. The pain is only half the battle.

I dialled Ant’s number and Ryan picked up, “Yo. The sleeping one says fuck you.” I laughed. “He says he’ll be there at dusk, whatever it is you want. But whatever fucking magic you are doing needs to stop it literally woke the dead. Not that Ant’s dead mind you, but he sleeps like it you know.”

“Thanks Ry. Tell him to meet me at the AU building alright?”

“Will do. And whatever magic you did, Cari says ‘santo cazzo, è enorme’!” Ryan laughed. “In case you don’t know Italian, she swore, and is impressed by the impression of magic you left.”

“Uh huh, that’s what she said. Some thing’s enormous. And she wouldn’t know anything about that.” And I hung up to Ryan laughing. He was such a child sometimes – it was why I liked him.

The book still shared a hazy glow about it but I picked it up and it was cool to the touch. The lettering still felt off but I could read it. It wasn’t like trying to decipher it. I couldn’t tell you what any given symbol meant, but I knew what it said, like it was implanted in my head, like a thought.

I took the book with me when I stood up and walked out of my bedroom. There was a loud gasp from Alex as he saw me round the corner into the living room. “It’s not hot anymore,” I said. “Ant’s sleeping, he’ll meet us at the AU building at dusk, and we’ll go talk to Garrett and about the book. Apparently whatever magic it was they felt over there.”

“Over there?” Alex asked.

“It woke the dead so to speak,” I said.

Cass was looking at me, “You mean vampires. I can hear it in your head.”

Alex looked at me and frowned, “Sorry forgot.”

I shrugged, “It’s okay. I’ll keep the veil up around the room so she can’t listen in there, but she needs to learn to stay out of my head, and I need to learn how better to handle a telepath. We both just need your help okay?”

Alex nodded with a smile. “I can do that.”

Hunter was sitting in his lap, and Cass was sitting in Rider’s. Laker and Matt were still at the dining room table talking. “Where is Drake?”

Rider pointed. “He’s in the bedroom playing with the massive amount of cars Dorian left him. There was a note for the other two – toys to come. He said he didn’t know what they liked and they sat down with a big book of toys and started circling things. It might take a while for them to decide.”

I rolled my eyes. “Between him and my father I swear.”

Laker laughed from across the room. “They are both their grand kids, what did you expect. Dorian isn’t going to have any kids you know that right? You are all he has.”

I nodded. “I know. And my father feels guilty for not being a father to me. So they both over compensate on my kids and my brothers.”

Rider laughed, “I love it! Your dad loves me and Lake. He’s like Gramps back home, always with the candy and sweets except he’s like so what fun thing do you want to do today. And he’ll take us paintballing or rock climbing. It’s epic.”

“If he ever pushes you too far let me know. He’s Venatori and he forgets you two are just human.”

“He always apologizes. But we’ll let you know,” Laker said.

“So I’m going to go cook dinner, does anyone else have any allergies I need to know about?” I specifically looked at Cass and Hunter? They were shaking their heads. But they were Venatori, so that chance was slim. Allergies were a human thing And they were only one quarter human.

With no known allergies I’d go with whatever. But I honestly didn’t know what was in the kitchen since my brothers were the ones doing the grocery shopping, but I’d figure it all out.

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