The Vampire Book

Rider was watching TV and Laker was with Matt in the dining room talking. The boys looked up and jumped to their feet when they saw the children. Rider smiled, “I know Drake, who are these cuties?”

I smiled at my brother. “These are our kids.”

Rider laughed, “You two have been busy.”

Alex smirked. “This is Cass. And that’s Hunter.” He nodded towards the boy in my arms. “Cass, Hunter, these are your Dad’s brothers. Uncle Rider is on the couch, and Uncle Laker.”

Cass giggled, “He’s thinking about the other boy’s eyes.” Laker blushed.

“Cass it’s not nice to pry into someone’s head,” Alex said.

I turned to look at Cass. “We need to start setting some rules.”

Alex smiled. “We’ll set some rules. I’ll reiterate etiquette.”

“Thank you.” I smiled. “You three want to see your room?” I was hoping that Dorian did what Dorian always did and supplied my house with what it needed.

I opened the door and sure enough the room was decorated and there were three beds all stacked a top each other. Cass was already climbing into the top bunk. Drake was pouting. “You can have the second one.” Hunter said, “I don’t like getting too high.”

Alex smirked and put his arm around my waist. “Not only does he look like you, he has so many of your problems.”

I sighed, “Hopefully we can help him so he doesn’t end up like me.”

Alex took my hand and we left the kids to explore their room and their toys. He lead me to my… our room.

“It’s not our room, yet.”

“I missed you in my head,” I said as I started unpacking all the things Alex had bought me. “Feel free to put your things anywhere you like. In the closet, or drawers, or in your bag, but you need to find a place to keep it, so I don’t go crazy.”

Alex laughed, “Anywhere I want huh?”

“Except on the bed.” I grinned over my shoulder at him.

Alex started to unpack his bag. “Huh. I didn’t think I did that.” Alex was unfolding a hoodie and there was a book – the book that called to me.

“What happened to the nice fluffy white towel you had around it?” I said wrapping my arms around Alex’s waist.

“Oh, I left them. A little birdie told me that someone might get in trouble for my actions.”

I laughed and pressed a kiss to his neck. “I wasn’t upset you were taking them, only that you didn’t compensate those wronged by your actions.”

“Well I can buy better ones so it didn’t matter.” Alex turned in my arms. “I thought I was supposed to be putting my things away.”

I grinned at him and pushed his bag out of the way. “I think it can wait, lover.” I pushed Alex backwards and he fell back against the bed. “I think we need to christen my room, let me squirm underneath you like you wanted before.” I crawled over top of him, a knee on either side of his waist, and I whispered, “My home is your home,” then pressed a kiss to his lips.

Alex smirked up at me, “This isn’t under me though.”

“I can be.” I winked and bit his bottom lip. “But you like it with me here too.”

Alex nodded then said, “You talk too much.” He leaned up and captured my lips with his and we were one. The rest didn’t matter. Who was on top? Who controlled what. It didn’t matter because it was right and we were happy.

I managed to throw a veil around the room so that our noise – more me than Alex – didn’t escape and alert the younger ones to our actions. Last thing we needed was to answer. Why was Alex hurting you Daddy?

Shut up pretty boy and fuck me.

A strange light started to glow at the other end of the bed. It wasn’t dark so as it grew brighter it grew warmer. And when Alex lifted his arms above his head when I ran my fingers under his arms and pushed them up he jerked his hand away. “What the fuck?”

His hand and arm were red and I immediately put ice on it and we both were a wee bit concerned when we saw the book glowing red hot but nothing was catching fire. “What the fuck?” Alex said again pushing me up and we both scrambled off the bed – naked.

“Where did you say you got that book?” I asked Alex.

“I won it in a poker game before you showed up. There were two vampires vying pretty hard to win it. But they forgot about me.” Alex sounded proud of himself. “Couldn’t you read it before, it makes no sense to me.”

“I didn’t do this,” I declared loudly. “Wait you said vampires want this book? Did the guy you win it from have a name?” Alex shrugged as he stared at the glowing book, but it was dimming quickly. “It wouldn’t be Deacon LeClair would it?”

Alex nodded, “Yeah, that’s it. But how do you know that name?”

I sighed and grabbed our clothes from the pile on the floor. “Get dressed, our sexy fun time is over for now.”

Alex pouted but he was getting dressed before I had finished. “You’re calling Ant aren’t you?”

I nodded. “Ant asked me to look into a guy who stole a book from Cari. He needed to find it before Cari found out it was missing. The guy who Deacon stole it from doesn’t want Cari to find out cause they already don’t get along, and this would be a big hit to her trust in him.”

“Deacon was very braggy about the club he stole it from. How it was full of security and weirdness.”

“He stole it from a vampire night club called Frozen. Johnny Rose owns it. He’s Cari’s only childe, the only vampire she’s ever sired. And she only sired him to save his life from mobsters who wanted him dead. He had a falling out with Cari, but Ant and Ryan still keep tabs on him. Cari moves the book around, and she was entrusting it with Johnny and he fucked up so now he’ll probably get axed or something. I dunno. But maybe Cari hasn’t found out yet.”

Alex was fully dressed and I was still standing holding my boxers. Alex was staring at me with a grin, “You talk too much.”

“I’ve heard that a time or two.”

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