The Monster Behind it All

Alex brought me a heaping plate full of fish and vegetables. It looked sorta like a whole fish with saute vegetables. “What’s wrong pretty boy?” I looked up to see my blue eyed beau staring down at me with a smirk.

I shook my head. “Nothing. Did you eat this?”

“No. I’m not a fan of fish.”

I smirked as I took the plate from him. “It’s fried isn’t it?”

Alex laughed. “I told Kish you wouldn’t eat it. But she didn’t believe me.”

“I won’t be rude, I’ll eat some of it. But I’m not a fan of fried anything and fried whole fish is bottom of that list.” I grinned at him. But I was starving, my stomach rumbled. “I don’t think I can afford to be too picky.”

“Yes you can, pretty boy.” He sat down next to me and bumped his shoulder against mine. “After you get some energy back we’ll get you something more tolerable.”

I really didn’t hesitate to start eating. The vegetables were well flavored. I really liked them, and I picked at the fish trying to avoid looking at the crust covered head and the skin. The fish was tender otherwise. And not too fishy. I enjoyed what I could manage to eat. Which was a lot more than I thought as I shovelled the last bit of white flesh into my mouth. My stomach rumbled again, and I frowned.

Alex laughed, “Damn, boy. There are more vegetables. Kish was planning them for lunch tomorrow.”

“How long was I asleep?” I hadn’t thought about it.

“It’s close to three pm. You slept for about twelve hours after you passed out.” Alex said wrapping his hands around my closest one, his fingers entwined in mine. “You okay?”

“Physically I’m fine. Energy levels are better. Mentally I’m drained still, and there are so many thoughts,” I confided.

I got up and found the rest of the vegetables in a bowl and I just grabbed it. I was that hungry still. I probably needed to eat carbs to offset this. I sighed and set the bowl down, “Is there any place we can get a pizza or pizzas? Something high carb. Or I’m going to eat your friends out of house and home.”

Alex gasped, “Nox wants pizza?”

“Don’t get used to it,” I said.

“Let’s go.” Alex nodded towards the door.

“Uh, you want me to go out looking like a bum?” I asked.

“You’re fully covered,” he said with a smirk. “I could go get some pizza, and you could stay here and rest?”

“You’d leave me here alone, with your family.”

Alex smirked. “Kish and Kay are at work still. They’re working a late shift at the hospital.” I raised an eyebrow in question and Alex added, “Nurses work lots of hours I’m told.”

“Well, I’ll leave it up to you.” I grinned at Alex. “If you want me going out like this I’d be happy to join you.”

Alex grabbed my hand. “Just keep your libido in check; I don’t need the girls thinking they got a chance with you.”

“What about the flirting?” I teased.

Alex rolled his eyes but he didn’t say not to tease.

I sighed. “Does my flirting bug you?” I asked.

Alex shook his head. “Maybe.” He opened the passenger side door and I walked around the other side. “I know it’s you.The whole attention seeking so no one looks too deep. I get it, but you are mine Nox.”

I leaned over the door and pressed a kiss to Alex’s soft lips. “Always, Z.” I purred out the nick name and Alex pulled away looking at me. “Too much?”

Alex shook his head and stepped around the door and pulled me against him. He was hard in his jeans and I was having a hard time doing as I was asked with his body pressed against me. “I think not.”

One blue eye winked at me as he pulled away and nodded for me to get in. I obeyed straightening myself out as I did so. Alex was smirking at me as he walked around the other side of the car. “I was afraid that the nick name would remind me of bad things, my childhood, things my mother did. But when you say it like that, holy fuck Nox.”

I bit my bottom lip and flopped over on to Alex’s shoulder and looked up at him from across the console. “You liked the way I said Z?” The Z, soft and breathless, just a little rumble under my breath.

Alex pushed me off his arm. “Yes, now stop flirting with me.”

“That is one thing I will never do,” I said triumphantly but I did sit up and put my seat belt on. Alex’s hand grabbed mine and brought it to his lips pressing a kiss to it.

Serenity started and we started out of the gravel driveway. We rode for about a mile before I let my thoughts wander back to what was bugging me. Alex asked, “What’s wrong?”

I looked at him and he smiled. “I’m learning to read your lost in thought face. And it’s troubling you,” Alex confirmed.

“The demon represents the things that were done to me as a child. Garrett was reinforcing my fears of my mother, of him, of violence in general. So why is this creature that feeds on fears using only that fear? I have so many other fears that could be used that could terrify me. Falling out of a plane, falling in general, needles, clowns, why that dream?” I asked rhetorically, I didn’t expect Alex to have an answer.

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