I’ll Cook Next Time

Alex followed me to the bathroom. He glanced in the open door, “The boys room?”

“And my old one.” I shivered as I pushed open the bathroom door and left it. “I don’t think we should stay long.”

“We can go now. I can tell Jesse we can’t do it, that he’s welcome down at Kish’s,” Alex said standing in the doorway. “You don’t need me for this,” he said as I turned on the tap and started cleaning up the tear streaks.

“I do need you for this Alex. This house smells like my worse nightmare. Everything in it has the potential to send me down memory lane. And those memories aren’t always good.”

Alex watched as I reapplied the eyeliner. “That is so cool. You don’t need to buy anything do you?”

I shrugged. “I do buy my make up at home. Same with pencils and paper and things, but I’m not helpless if I don’t have them either.”

We walked back out of the kitchen to find a smoke filled kitchen and Jesse standing over a burnt pot of something in the sink. He laughed, “The boys are better at this. Risha usually cooks for me or I’ll eat at the hospital, now that they are away.”

“I think we could talk Kish into cooking. And it’ll be better for Nox too I think.”

Jesse laughed, “I think you are right. He looks a little pale still. I’ll be down in a little bit if that’s alright?”

“I’ll let Kish know.” Alex took my hand and was pulling me out to the car. He pressed a kiss to my cheek as he opened the door and I got inside. Just that little bit helped. I was away from the memories, and in the car of the man I loved. I could smell him all over the leather and it was comforting.

The drive back to Alex’s place wasn’t very long. Running in the mountains was a lot harder than it was at home. I didn’t really get that far. “I forgot how long it took to get used to the air here I didn’t run very far.”

“You ran all the way there?” Alex asked.

“Most of it. I walked a few miles before I realized where I was.”

“Better than I could ever have done pretty boy.”

We pulled up into the same driveway. This time there was a woman sitting in a rocking chair waiting. Soon as she saw the car she stood up. Her hair was pulled back loosely and a few feathers hung from the sides. She was wrapped in fur. I imagined she hunted it, ate the meat and then used the fur, it looked real. And not like anything I’d ever seen in a store.

“You seen many fur coats in New York, little monster?”

Alex groaned. “Kish…”

“It’s alright Alex, I know she’s not intending to set me off. Just like when you called me the same, except it was your little monster.”

Her eyes went wide. “I thought you said he didn’t remember you?”

Alex sighed “Apparently he’s been remembering.”

The surprise didn’t leave her face.

I grabbed my bag from the back and headed in her direction. “My name is Nox.”

“Kishna Raven.” She took my hand and shook softly.

“It’s a pleasure meeting you.” I lifted her hand to my lips and pressed a kiss to her third knuckle.

Alex grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door, “Don’t mind him, he’s like that with everyone.” I was about to apologize for flirting, but Alex was smirking, “Such a flirt, can’t take you anywhere. She likes girls.”

I laughed, “Really?”

“Really. Why do you think I never hit that?”

“Because she’s like your sister?”

“Please. I was a teenage boy.” Alex practically dragged me into the house “Drop your bag.” I did as instructed. Alex wrapped his arms around me from behind and entwined my fingers with his. “This is Kay.” He nodded to the woman on the floor doing yoga, “Karma, this is Nox.”

She was chuckling. “Are you keeping him from touching someone else?”

Alex shook his head, “No.”

The other woman came up behind us giggling, “Yes, he is, Kay. Little Z’s boyfriend is more charming than he is.”

I felt Alex glowering at the women who were picking on him, but he didn’t let me go either. “A pleasure to meet you Karma, I’d kiss your hand but obviously I can’t.”

She smiled, “Z, let him go. I need help in the kitchen, and Kish is not being helpful since you stole her away.”

Alex let me go. There was a minute hesitation before he pressed a kiss to my check I turned to him and whispered, “What’s wrong?”

He shook his head, “I had the urge to smack your ass possessively stating you were mine, and I thought better of it.”

I pressed a kiss to his lips. “Much appreciated. All this. Is yours, no need to be possessive.”

“Oh baby, there is all sorts of reason to be possessive over all this,” he mocked. “Mine. All fucking mine.” And he licked my neck from shoulder to ear with a satisfied grin on his face as he looked at the two women staring at him. “I licked it, it’s mine,” he declared proudly.

I bit my bottom lip and headed into the kitchen to help however I could. It did smell great. “You don’t mind?”

“Mind what?” I asked as I watched Alex and Kish slip off into another room to talk.

“Alex being so possessive.”

“Fu…. No, I love it.”

“I’m used to Z’s way with words you can swear. It’s not against the wiccan code or anything.”

I grinned, “I try not to around ladies,” I said calmly. “Why Z?”

“His middle name. While starting with an X makes that lovely Z sound and he hates it. Plus he’s a dream walker so he has a perpetuity to take a nap whenever he felt you calling him. Thus, Little Zzzzz. He’ll all ways be Z to Kish, and now me.”

“I think he’ll be upset you told me that.”

Alex called out, “I will not.”

I sighed, “I’ll be right back.” I excused myself and stopped in the door where Alex had gone. “I thought you weren’t reading me?”

Alex smirked. “I’m not. But that doesn’t stop Kish from seeing things.”


Kishna laughed melodically. “We’ll talk about that later, little monster. Go help Kay, and let Z and I talk.”

I frowned but gave them a nod. I didn’t like being dismissed like that. Kay wrapped her arms around my shoulder. “Somethings bothering him, he needs to talk. I ‘m sure he’ll be with you soon.” There was a lot to be bothered by. I couldn’t fault Alex for needing someone to talk to – god only knew I needed it. But that didn’t stop me from spiralling down hill into the darkness.

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