Dream Recreation

Dream Recreation

Alex paused our make out session long enough to move the pizza to a safe location before we knocked it off ruining it. It wasn’t about the price, but about how much I really loved it. And he got that I didn’t eat pizza often.

Alex knew what he liked, but he kept hesitating when his fingers ran across my body and I’d twitch or jerk in an odd way. He wasn’t in my head. I loved that he wanted to do this without knowing for certain, but I could tell Alex was struggling inside his head. He was blind. Which gave me an idea.

I used my strength to topple Alex over and push his hands above his head beneath me. His eyes were wide in amusement and excitement. I felt his hard cock through his jeans, I knew it excited him when I took what I wanted. And I did for a little while. Pressed my body flat on top of his and kissed him hard and passionately. But when Alex tried to turn the tables again I didn’t let him. I held him down easily and sat up. I pulled my shirt off over my head. My hoodie had fled early as had shoes and socks. “Do you remember the dream in the dark?” I asked Alex.

He nodded, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

I shook my head, “So you remember it?” He just stared up at me dumbfounded, like I really had to ask. “Let’s do that again, but in real life, here. now.” I said.

“Why? Is it that bad?”

I shook my head, “No, you can’t be bad at sex Alex. But it might take the pressure off. You’re fumbling around like you are blind. You know me. You know my body. But you are doubting yourself. So let’s take a sense away.”

“It’s not that dark in here.”

I chuckled and I pulled a veil around us, blocking out all external lights and sounds, the only thing left was us.

“Fuck now it’s too dark.”

I grinned, “That’s the point.”

“It’s not fair.” Alex said as he moved quickly pinning me to the bed beneath him. “I have two of my senses gone, you’ve one.”

I laughed, “You want to even the odds, I can take do that. Make it so I can’t hear you. Only smell and feel you and taste you.” I licked my lips but Alex couldn’t see it in the utter darkness.

The idea thrilled Alex, I could tell from his breathing. He nodded, I heard the air move. It wasn’t as equal as removing Alex’s telepathic ability but I was deaf as well as blind. I wouldn’t know where Alex was. It was fair. “Okay.” he said.

I blocked all sound from me and I wasn’t sure if Alex was ready but when he poked me in the chest I laughed, “I can’t hear you.”

He pressed a kiss to my lips and licked them in response. I was at his mercy. I was in fucking heaven.

And we probably could have done this with the lights on, but it was intoxicating feeling Alex’s fingers over my body. He could hear me, but I couldn’t hear myself. Which I hoped didn’t mean I did the classic too loud everyone does when they where headphones.

My back arched when Alex found a certain ticklish spot and I groaned out. Alex laid his finger across my lips quieting me. Fuck I was too loud. But Alex liked listening to me. Keeping quiet was almost as hard as not moving. And from the grip on my hips Alex was insisting I hold still while he explored my cock with his tongue.

Alex rolled my over on to my stomach and I whimpered. His fingers played with the cheeks of my ass as he leaned down and pressed a kiss to my neck. I felt his breath on my neck, I think he was talking but I couldn’t hear anything. Did he forget?

I froze the moment his fingers trailed up my back. I whined and whimpered at the gentle feather like touch. He was going to make me come just by touching my back. I was at my limit, the pressure building so far if he didn’t stop in the next few moments I’d come all over the clean sheets. “Alex….” I barely croaked out, “If you keep that up. I’m going to come.”

His fingers danced up my back and I arched it as he reached the top and took a fist full of my hair and I was at an awkward angle, but it felt fucking amazing. Alex traced something on my shoulder. It took a second for me to realize he was writing two letters over and over… N – O. “I can’t come? That’s no?”

He pressed a kiss to my cheek. “I understand.” And just to clarify, “I won’t come till you let me.” His kiss turned into a bite along my jaw and then my neck.

Alex knew me. Knew what I liked he just needed less distractions. And he was going to torture me through it all. I’d done the same to him in the car, he had to watch, though in all honesty he was the one who started it. But I was more than happy for Alex to finish it too.

My lover, my boyfriend, my Alex knew me better than he thought. He brought me to the edge and he held me there. I don’t know how long, fuck I didn’t care. A light breeze at this point kept me hard. And when Alex entered me I moaned in unfettered esctacy. He was hard and long and so fucking big I almost wanted to scream out his name in orgasm. It wasn’t almost but I didn’t come. I fought with every inch of my will power to hold out longer. I was sweating buckets just from the strain, not to mention the pleasure. Alex pushed into me hard and fast. I felt him going erratic and he leaned down and pressed a kiss to my lips. His fingers tracing my ears and pulling. “I can hear you now.” I whispered figuring that’s what he wanted.

He didn’t say anything to acknowledge those words, but he pounded into me and I moaned, “Ah fuck Alex.”

Alex thrust two more times and “Come with me baby.” He said and in the next moment I was spurting over my stomach and Alex was filling me up inside. His cock pulsing as my body shook around him. “Fuck!” I don’t know who said it, it didn’t matter as Alex collapsed on top of me. All that build up ended in one rapturous moment – me and Alex together.

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