Subpar Hotel

Subpar Hotel

We drove for about three exits before a hotel sign showed up. But Alex groaned at the name on the sign – The Motel. Like it was the only one in the town. And it likely was. Alex growled as he drove past it. But an hour past and I could see how aggravating it was for him. “You can stop anywhere, Alex. It’ll be fine, I kinda just want to see you naked.”

Alex growled. “No, it can’t be subpar. I have plans.”

I smiled, “Alex, I can make it whatever you want.”

He looked at me like I was an alien. I grinned at him, “I can make it clean and make new sheets if you don’t like me. They won’t be Egyptian cotton or silk or anything, but they’ll function.”

Alex didn’t say anything but at the next stop he didn’t think he just pulled off the highway into the one horse down and stopped at the first motel. It had a small pool outside and looked clean. Alex parked the car under the yellow awning and opened the car door, “I’ll be back you wait here.” I did as he said leaned back in the seat and relaxed as I waited for Alex to get back.

The pool was actually busy. The sun was still up and a pair of bikini clad girls walked up to my side of the car wearing a pair of sunglasses and lowered them at me and the car. I gave them a pretty smile but they came closer and loomed in the fading light. “Hey there.” The blonde said.

I looked up, “Hi.”

“Nice car.” The other one said, her hair was an ugly dull brown like she’d been spending too much time in the pool without much hair care to fight the chlorine and sun.

“She is.” I said. “My boyfriend takes real good care of her.”

They both lowered their sun glasses and took a look at me and I knew in their heads they were trying to figure out if I was serious or not. “You’re in my sun.” I said flatly and stretched out a little more tempting and teasing them. Sorta willing them to go away too. I didn’t want Alex angry because I was flirting, but I can’t help put myself on display either. I worked hard for the body I had but it was all Alex’s now.

I sighed and sat up and pretended to look for something under my seat. I really wasn’t looking for anything. They didn’t seem to get the hint. The brunette leaned down, “Are you sure you are gay?” Her ear was too close to my ear i felt her breath on my neck.

I turned to look at her knowing it put me in kissing distance. I bit my bottom lip, “Duckling, I’m pretty sure I like sucking cock and being fucked in the ass yes.”

She pouted but I knew that my words hadn’t registered, she was trying hard, “I could change your mind.”

I shook my head and laughed. “Duckling, unless you got a cock hiding in the cute little bikini then I’m pretty satisfied with my boyfriend.” Alex opened the door from the hotel registry room and was walking this way and I grinned at the girl who was now standing above me, “Oh, look here comes my favorite dick to suck.”

Alex was chuckling. I’d said it loud enough for him to hear. He came over to my side of the car and pulled the door handle up and opened up the door. He handed me the key to the room. “It’s around the corner, lover. Why don’t you get us some ice?”

He leaned over the door as I stood up and kissed me. His fingers wrapping around the back of my neck and pulling at the hair at the nape of my neck making me groan. We broke apart breathless and I winked at him and headed for the ice machine. Alex smiled at the girls, “Can I give you ladies a ride to the other side of the hotel to your momma, I can hear her looking for you.”

Just them a woman hollered, “Cindy, Rayanne, where are you two at.”

I nodded at the pretty woman as she walked past me in her scowl. Alex got in the car and drove to the other side. I got ice, though I could have made it with ease, but I think Alex was using it as an excuse to extract me from the girls. Though he had to know their mother was looking for them before that. Mind reader and all.

There were no buckets, but I managed to get some ice for the room. A simple bucket of air, with a little earth to make it opaque. No one would know the difference.

Alex was leaning on the door frame as I rounded the corner of the building looking for him. He was smirking at me. “Are you reading me?” I asked.

He shook his head, “No. I think it’s funny they didn’t believe you.”

“So that’s why you kissed me the way you did?” I was grinning as I asked the stupid question. I knew his answer before he said it.

“No that was all me, been wanting to do that all day.”

“What else you been wanting to do all day?” I asked playfully.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” He opened the door and I went in first. Alex groaned.

“Go take a shower. I’ll fix it up a little bit.”

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