The First Stop

First Stop

“Was that what you needed to talk to me about?” Alex asked as we drove down the highway.

I shook my head, “Nah, when I left the message I was desperate to tell you about what I was doing with Margo the dreams. Honestly I’ve still not processed what happened with The Dragon or with Margo.”

“You got my messages?” I asked. I didn’t want to start a fight I was just making conversation.

“Yeah. I did. I listened to your voice mail a few too many times.” Alex admitted. “I missed you, but I was having a problem admitting it. Then the fucking prince of darkness came to Vegas on his own little mission. Told me all about how you were doing, and how me leaving was going to affect you…” Alex sighed.

“And he took you to a vampire rave and showed you the power of the vampire bite.” I smirked.

“If he bit me I’d hate him even more.” Alex growled.

“Ant doesn’t drink from men on a general basis, because he can’t turn it off and the bite very often turns into sex for him.”

“I can see that, but it didn’t stop him from feeding on you.”. But before i could say anything Alex was adding,” i know it’s just the magic.”

I just started talking then. Rambling about the whole thing. I told Alex all about walker and his weird undefined in wanting to work with me. I told him about finding the bombs. And then about how we used the wicked truth to hung down the hacker.

I told him about healing walker and emphasizing that it was the second time I’d saved a venatori bitten by a vampire. Though I didn’t go into details again about the reason being i never showed up. I told Alex all about the Dragon. “It was nothing like I’ve ever felt before. I was me but i head no control. ” I shuddered. I held up my right wrist the show Alex the leather bands with the infinity symbol nearly tired in their great. “I had Ant get a wiccan make this charm for me. It supposed to block out any form of otherworldly control.”

“But I can nudge you.”. Alex added. He didn’t go on, i knew he did and i didn’t mind.

“I think it plays on my magics too. I want you to so it knows that.”

“You want me to control you?” Alex sounded confused.

“Not a want like i want you to make me do things i don’t want to but more i give you control in out relationship and it translates partially.”

“So could i get to the say drive.”

“Say it. Or actually drive.” I joked. Alex have me that looked that said my joke was bad. I laughed. “I don’t think so. It’s not something i would enjoy.”

“So i could get you to do something you’d enjoy against your will.”

“If i enjoyed it it would hardly be against my will. ”

“So i can’t force you to do something you would normally say no to.”

I nodded. “That’s my take on it. But we could try to see how it works.” I saw the look in Alex’s eye and smirked, “But it’s probably best if we wait until tonight and we are safely somewhere just in case.”

There was a slight friend in Alex’s face. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun.”

Alex smirked but i knew he was going to drive safely if only do he didn’t set me off. We drive for a while. It was nice sitting in Alex’s car listening to music and just talking. I did most of the talking. I usually did. I even went into a dream trance and found a new memory. One of which Alex and i explored a few different aspects of being with another man. It was sex but so much more intimate leaving the lights on. And experimenting with your body and your partner.

When i came out of it,”really is no wonder you can make me come so fucking easy.”

Alex shifted in his seat adjusting his sick in his pants. My memory head but him in a mood. A mood i had been in since i first saw him. Though i was pretty sure Alex wanted more than the night before too. I hoped he did anyway.

“So if i am that good. Come for me now.”

“Are you going to talk dirty to me?” I asked.

His eye brow rose and he glanced at me with those fucking blue eyes and i was very ready to please him.

“You can touch yourself.” He said. It wasn’t a command but my hand was already rubbing my cock through my jeans. I probably could have listened to him but i knew in that moment Alex wanted to watch me.

I never stopped rubbing my self as i unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down my zipper with the other hand. I pressed my back into the car seat and spread my legs so i could get a better grip as i pulled my hard dick out of my boxers to stroke harder and faster. It was the awkward to do more with jeans still on and buckled in the car.

Alex could hardly keep his eyes of me. He sensed my anxiety in that growing even as i jerked off to the thought of Alex watching me do that very thing. He pulled over on the side of the road and turned the music down so he could hear me. I didn’t hold back and i closed my eyes and thought about the dream, the real thing. Fuck it didn’t take long before i was letting it all go. I felt the warmth of my come on my hands and heard Alex groan. “Fuck pretty boy.”

I lifted my sperm covered hand to my lips and licked cleaned my own cum from my hand while i looked Alex in the eyes. His mouth moved but no sound came out as Alex pulled back out on to the highway. “We need to find a place to spend the night.”

I chuckled as i straightened my self back out. And i used my power to finish the clean up now that Alex was busy again. I had the urge to help Alex with his growing hard on. But the thought of an accident kept me in my own seat. I wished Alex was reading me, but it was probably a good thing he wasn’t.

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