Road Trip

Road Trip

We had breakfast, bacon, eggs and I ate carbs. It was not because Alex asked me too. The waitress, Kallie she went on and on about the pastry. And I decided that I would try it because she raved about it. I wasn’t disappointed either. It was a buttery pastry filled with a mixed berry compote that was excellent. It wasn’t too sweet. It was awesome. Alex couldn’t keep the smile off his face while I ate the thing. He enjoyed watching me eat it but i want putting in a show thought i could watch Alex do anything so i got it too.

Back at the hotel Alex walked up to a black sports car i couldn’t tell you the name of. The lines were beautiful but beyond that fact i knew nothing else. I watched as Alex ran his fingers over the glossy black paint checking her over like a lover. I grinned and couldn’t help but bite my bottom lip, Alex loved his car.

At the driver’s side door the valet handed Alex the keys. Alex have the boy a top and then he looked across the way at me. “What?” Alex asked.

I shook my head and walked to the partner side door. “Nothing. I enjoyed seeing you so happy.”

“I’m always happy.” He said as he walked around to my side of the car and opened the door like the valet had his. I smirked. He was always so chivalrous.

Alex waited for he to get in. But i stood just inside, leaned over the door and pressed a kiss to his lips. “Thank you.”. I said then say down letting Alex close the door. I watched him walk around the car and then he was sitting next to me. My seat belt was already secured and i waited. I want much of a tracker but this should be fun. A few days alone with Alex on the road. I really trip. Though however relaxing it should be i was nervous as fuc sitting there waiting for Alex to start driving.

Alex reached across the console and put his hand on my knee. “Relax pretty boy.” I tried but cars were never easy and one with the top down and moved fast want exactly an easy fit. But by the time we were out of Vegas i felt better. And when i visibly relaxed Alex asked. “Do you want to tell me what’s bothering you?”

I was used to him in my head knowing what was going on that the question caught me by surprise. I shrugged, “just another thing.” I said.

“Another thing?” Alex said as he looked at me. It was just a quick glance not very long but enough to trigger the problem more. He was nothing. “Ah… a thing. Do you want to drive?”

“Fuck no.” I blurted out. Alex looked a little stunned and hurt and I quickly explained. “I’m not a big driver. Cars make me nervous. And a convertible with no top on at high speeds doesn’t help.” I knew from the look on his face he was trying very hard to make a consession. “If you slowed down, it would take longer, and we could spend more time together.” I gave Alex a reason that he might enjoy. But I knew driving fast was something he loved to do. I might have to find one of those NASCAR drive packages and let him have fun with it.

Alex smirked, “I could do that. You sure you will be alright with the top down.”

I nodded, “I trust you Alex. With my body and my life.” I smirked at him.

We went the speed limit. Alex put the car on cruise control and he turned the radio up. I didn’t much care about the music, but I enjoyed sitting listening with Alex, while we got our bearings, our feet underneath us in this new dynamic. I was still fighting a little with my panic attacks.

“Did you learn how to drive?” Alex asked.

I nodded, “Yeah I can drive. Drove around for about a year after graduation with Michaela and I taking turns. Mostly mountain driving, very little city or big highway miles.”

“So it’s not that your a city kid and just don’t like driving.”

I shrugged, “It’s that and the fact that the other cars are something not exactly in my control. And if I can’t control it, it has the potential to hurt me.”

“That’s a metaphore of your life isn’t it?”

I smirked, “Yeah. I control as much as I can. My schedule, my meals, my patterns. But I can’t control the people in my life and why I pushed people away. But that’s not really much different than you except my form of control is a sanity check.”

“Are you saying I’m crazy?” Alex asked with a smirk on his face.

“Crazy, maybe. You like me. That’s pretty crazy.”

Alex shook his head. “We have a long ways to go and at this rate it’ll take a few days. So relax pretty boy. Kick off your shoes, lean back, listen to the music. And talk to me.”

“What do you want me to talk to you about?” I asked.

“I don’t care. You are good at talking. I’m sure you can think of something.” He glanced at me with a grin.

“After you left my life kinda flipped all sorts of directions.” I looked at Alex’s reaction. He didn’t flinch at my words but I saw a deadening in his eyes but I continued because it wasn’t about him. “Don’t worry it’s not about you. I drowned myself in work – a usual thing when I’m hurting or lost. Or confused, and I was highly confused about you. But you didn’t do anything, I wasn’t worrying about you not contancting me cause I was too busy tracking down The Dragon.”

Alex looked at me then back to the road, I made sure to share a small happy smile with him. “The hacker I found thanks to Sage, helped me again with Sage’s help to locate The Dragon. I went in pretty much alone, and he controlled me.”

“What?” Alex exclaimed looking at me.

“Apparently it’s something dragons can do with their own kind. Control them and their magic. He made me attack the party that came in to help. I killed a woman with a fireball The Dragon made me throw at them. But I broke the control and killed the Dragon before he could hurt anyone else. While that hurt it wasn’t really what shook my world.”

“Clean up with the dragons meant a meeting with their big wigs and it’s a first in Venatori history at least in my knowledge. The golden dragon clan’s eldest dragon has never set foot in the AU building upon order of the Imperedo, our leadership. Mostly the strongest Magnus says I don’t want any competition, but because of me they let the guy in. Turned out he was aware of my biirth. Sent a dragon to kill me and my twin sister.” I looked at Alex to see how he was digesting the story. “Turned out that she made a deal with someone and let us live against the wishes of her clan. But my sister, everyone didn’t know she existed – not even my mother. Some magic happened and my mother didn’t know.”

Alex was frowing, “So you have a sister?”

“I guess. Biological I guess. But I no idea if she’s alive or if it’s true.”

“You don’t beleive the dragons then?”

“I don’t know. I have no reason to think they lied. Drake’s alive because of their rules, and all other nether dragons born after us.”


“Half human, half dragon, or in Venatori terms – Cesari. ” To clairify I adde, ” What I am.”

“Why would that have saved Drake and the others?”

“Dragon’s beleive in sequence and order of things. Since one nether dragon lives, the rest must live until I die.”

“So they are trying to kill you?”

I shook my head, “No. But they’ve been watching me since I was little. First as my Nanny, and because Dragon’s human form is changable, as my therapist. Margo is a dragon and she’s been spying on me for the dragons since I was six.”

“So most of my life ends up being one big lie. Which is typical I guess. First my father then this. I really don’t know what other secrets Dorian’s keeping from me.”

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