We managed to get through the impromptu fashion show with only a few issues. And by issues I mean before we had to break apart because we might ruin the new clothes I was trying on. Neither of us minded but Alex wanted to go slow. Getting to know each other without the easy things – which sex was easy. I was turned on, Alex was turned on, we had to take a break. “Go take a shower.” Alex told me, “while I finish up here and we’ll go get some breakfast and then hit the road.”

I nodded and took another shower. Before I walked into the bathroom Alex wrapped his arms around me. I looked over my shoulder at him and he pressed a kiss to my lips, “No touching,” he whispered before biting my neck.

I chuckled. “I have to touch to wash myself.”

Alex grinned, “You know what I mean.”

I smirked. “Spell it out for me, Alex.”

“Fine,” Alex said as he bit my neck again. I tilted my head to the side to allow him better access to his favorite spot. Which he worried with his teeth and sucked hard leaving a mark before soothing it with his tongue and lips, “You may not touch your dick, it’s mine. No other forms of pleasure, fingers, squeezing, whatever yanks your chain. All mine.”

“So you are just torturing me with this slow thing?” I asked, but I nodded my agreement and whispered, “I won’t do anything.”

“I never said we were taking the bedroom slow, but getting to know you slow. I’m not goiong to read you, and it makes me nervous.”

I laughed, “You know my body, you don’t have be nervous. I doubt you could make sex a bad thing.”

“You know me.” Alex grinned, “I’ve never…”

I turned around and wrapped my arms around Alex and pressed my body to his. “Just holding me turns me on Alex. You can’t crew this up. I promise.”

“We’ll see.” Alex said as he turned me back towards the bathroom door. “Go shower, get into some comfortable clothes and we’ll go home.”

Going home. That sounded good. If that meant Alex was coming with me back to new York. Even better if he was going to stay with me. But Alex had two apartments, at least one still. He owned one the other he’d rented, so I don’t know. But I took a second shower. it gave us some alone time. And I knew Alex had to talk to Ant, and Benji and he was likely making reservations for breakfast. James Hutton was all about the prestige. But I couldn’t wait to be away from Vegas. The blond hair was really bugging me. I wanted my Alex back.

Showering was difficult without thinking about Alex in the next room, I could hear him talking but I wasn’t listening to his words just the tone of his voice. I was having a hard time believing I was here in Vegas with him. That he was coming back to New York with me. I missed him.

I finished my shower and I behaved as Alex asked. I was pulling on my t-shirt as I walked out of the bathroom. Alex was still on the phone and he was appreciating what he saw as he was talking. So I gave him a little more of a show though it wasn’t very sexy as I stood in front in his mirror and changed the tips of my hair. They were still green from earlier. I changed then from green to yellow then to blue. But it was the wrong shade so I made it orange and then went with flames. I saw Alex watching me through the mirror. But he was still talking on the phone. He shook his head when I asked if he liked it. I turned it the color of his eyes and his smirk grew into a smile.

He was still on the phone so I waved my hand and a dark eye liner pencil formed in my hand. His eyes went wide in surprise. I leaned forward and applied the dark blue line to my eyes. I normally did black but I was feeling adventurous with Alex watching.

That was about all I had for the show. Alex hung up his phone. “That’s is a handy trick.” He wrapped his arms around my waist and looked at me in the mirror in front of him. “What else can you make like that?”

I closed my hand and wove earth and fire into a small ring. It was nothing fancy a simple blue rock fashioned into a ring. I opened my hand and it lay flat on my palm. “Are things always that easy?”

“It’s all simple if I’ve seen it before. Plants and other living things that’s not possible. Complicated things like guns and moving parts is really hard I can do it but I then have to assemble the parts. ”

“So a ring is easy. But like a chain is not.”

I nodded. Alex plucked the ring from my finger. “Will it disappear?”

I shook my head. “I can destroy it but until then it’ll stay.”

Alex closed his fingers around the ring then slipped it on his right hand starting at his pinky until he found the perfect fit. “If you want to wear it I can size it for any finger you want.”

Alex held it up with a smile it fits just fine. But then I made it so it would fit the right ring finger. Though I wouldn’t tell him I made it for the other hand. I was just happy he wanted to wear it.

Alex walked over to the table and pulled the watch out of the box and held it out for me. I held out my wrist and Alex smirked. “I got to do all the work.” But Alex slid my old one off and the new one on. “Now we both have something from the other.” He was beaming. I couldn’t help it but I had to kiss him.

Alex dragged me out the door. We stopped at the front desk to check out and they told Alex our car would be waiting for us when we got back from breakfast with all our things in it. Must be nice to have money I thought as Alex took my hand and we walked the strip to go get breakfast.

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