A Watch For You

There was a knock at the door and I looked at Alex with a frown. He just smirked running his fingers through the bleached locks of hair on his head. I couldn’t fucking wait for him to let me turn it back the right color.

Alex answered the door and two women and one man walked into the room carrying clothes. “I sent Dorian a message. He does all your shopping right?” Alex went on like he already knew the answer, which obviously he did. “He sent your measurements. And since you didn’t give me that ooh, let’s go shopping vibe I decided it was better to bring you the clothes than take you.” He grinned at me with an look that said he had other plans too.

A blonde who was highly attractive set a pile of clothes down in bags on the bed and pressed a kiss to Alex’s cheek, “Jimmy darling, next time give me more time and I can do such a better job of picking out things.” She walked over to me and put her finger on my cheek and turned my face like she was check out my lines. She took a step back and made a twirling motion with her finger. Alex smirked, “She wants you to turn around.”

I spun around not very elegantly, was more annoyed at it all. “I will send up a few more items, now that I’ve seen him.” She said as she stepped towards the door in her four inch high heels and short short black dress.

The girl that had followed her in was a stark contrast to what the first one was. The woman called after her, “Angela, come, we have more work than we thought to do.”

I looked at Alex and he shrugged. But the girl put the boxes she was holding down on the floor and looked at me quickly and blushed then turned away quickly and followed after her mistress, “Yes, Sasha, I’m coming.”

The man looked at Alex and held out a box and Alex looked in without really letting me see what he was looking at. “Fernando can you leave the watches while I talk to Nox about it.”

The man looked over the spectcales perched on his hawk like nose and then gave a slight nod. “Call me when you’ve decided and I’ll finish the job.”

Alex nodded and the man left us alone with a very expensive box of watches that Alex finally let me see. “I…” Alex started and sat down in the chair by the window. He set the boxes of watched down and waved me over to look at them. Alex tapped the watch on his wrist. “Kate gave me this.”

“I know.” I said. “It’s the only watch you wear in your dreams.”

“You knew it was from the woman…”

“I knew it was from Kate. Alex, I know you don’t want to talk about her. It’s okay. I know it’s special to you.”

“That’s not the only reason I wear it though” Alex confided. “I have a tracker in it.”

“It’s that important?” I asked.

Alex shook his head, “No, well yes. But that’s not way. It’s not so I can find it. It’s so Benji can find me.”

“Does Sage know?” I asked.

“Uh. Why… Oh wait, The Wicked Truth does, yes. He’s a prick and found it when he was scanning my phone.”

I smirked, “That sounds like Sage. You never let him anywhere you don’t want him to get into your shit.”

“That’s how he found your camera?”

I nodded, “Yeah.” It wasn’t a big deal to me, but that had been a big deal to Alex. I don’t regret smashing it at all, it was pretty useless anway, only use it to let Sage watch me. And Sage’s collection of me was rather large considering I was using sex as a coping mechanism even when I wasn’t getting laid every week or every night.

Alex was frowning, “I don’t like not being in your head. That look was not for me but it was very…”

He didn’t need to finish so I interrupted, “I was thinking that the camera wasn’t doing me any good. I didn’t mind smashing it. Sage’s voyeur collection of me was extensive. If you have issues, I can ask him to trash it all.”

“How extensive?” Alex said though he didn’t move from his spot, I could see the interest. Watching porn was fun, but watching your guy. And Alex was probably already plotting how he was going to make Sage give it up.

“Since Dan, I’ve probably masterbated every night and Sage knows my schedule so I’m sure he had set up plenty of recording times.”

Alex growled. So I added, “I’ll ask Sage to give them to me.” It wasn’t a question of if Alex wanted me to this time. I would do it because Sage didn’t need me in his sexual fantasies anymore. I was off the market. And I wanted Alex happy.

“Whatever.” Alex muttered with a shake of his head. “So back to the watches. I want to buy you a watch, so I can find you.” Alex didn’t look happy. I wasn’t sure if it was because of Sage watching me, he’d already gotten that part of the relationship. Or if it was because I let him. Either way Alex wasn’t happy but he changed the subject anyway.

“Is this because I disappeared on you?”

He nodded. “Yes, but ..”

I interrupted, “No but required Alex. I will do whatever will make you happy. Will prove to you I’m not going anywhere.” I looked down at the watches, “Which one do you like?”

“Which one do you like?” Alex asked

I shrugged, “I don’t suppose it really matters to me. Mine works perfectly fine.” It wasn’t very expensive. The leather band I had replaced a few times, but the face was the same one I’d had for a while now. “Probably don’t want too expensive. I tend to bang it up pretty bad.” There were scratches on the surface of the watch, and also why I needed to change the band several times.

Alex nodded and looked at the watched and picked out a leather band with a black face – no numbers. “I think this one will work?”

I smiled. “It’s nice and simple.”

Good. He turned me around and shoved me in the direction of the bathroom. “Go try on clothes.”

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