The Sandy Beach

We were no long in the white room. We were on a sandy beach looking out into the ocean and I felt my bare feet squish in the sand any my heart raced. I started backing away and I ran into Alex. He wrapped his arms around me and pressed his face to my neck and whispered, “It’s just a dream Nox.” He held me tight, “I’m here, it’s just a dream. The sand isn’t real.”

The world changed, rather shimmered and I was wearing shoes. The sand was gone and we were standing on the board walk. “I’m sorry.” Alex turned me around to look me in the eyes. “I forgot.”

I blinked at him, I was still in the middle of the panic attack. I tried to calm my breathing and Alex pressed his lips to mine. My breathing stopped all together and Alex pulled me closer. We broke the kiss and Alex whispered, “I forgot, I’m sorry, you okay?”

I licked my lips and nodded, “You make me better.”

Alex smirked. “I forgot the sand.”

I leaned forward and kissed Alex softly cupping his face with my hands, “It’s okay. You saved me.” I pulled away and saw my Alex. His blue eyes in his beautiful face, his inky black hair falling in his eyes. I reached up and pushed it out of his face and ran my fingers through it. “I miss this hair.” I grabbed a handful and tugged just a little, Alex groaned.

“You okay?” Alex asked.

“You make me better.” I said with a smirk. “I’m okay Alex. That was some kiss.”

Alex was still smirking. “This is my little white room.”

I turned around and looked out into the ocean again. “I’ve been here before.”

“Really? Like in a dream?” Alex asked.

“No, like really been here. It’s a beach out in the Hamptons where Dorian has a house. Ant used to take me out here to run at night. It looks different at night.”

“Why’d he bring you here if you hate the sand?”

“Taking me out of my comfort zone, making me work for the beating.” I shrugged. “He pushed me just enough that I could get better. I made glass from the sand on my person.”

“Of course you do.” Alex grinned. “You can’t do anything normal can you?”

I shook my head. “I am not normal.”

“I’m sorry you freaked out.” Alex said wrapping his arms around me from behind his chin resting on my shoulder. “I have something I want to show you. I don’t think it’ll send up any triggers.”

“I’m all yours.” I said as we were someplace else again.

The darkness was almost overwhelming but it soon became light and we were floating in a vast empty space. Or what I thought was empty at first, little globes of lights flickered everywhere. Cables ran from globe to globe to globe, slome looked larger than others the cables all varied too. I blinked as I adjusted. Alex’s arms were still wrapped around me. He spoke softly, like he didn’t want to wake anyone up. “These are all the sleeping bodies here in Vegas. All around us.” Alex did something and we were loating through the nothingness towards an orb. It was oddly familiar. I ran my fingers over the bubble and felt something I wasn’t sure what it was. “This is Benji’s dream.” Alex pointed to a cord that lead off into another direction. “That’s his friendship with me. I can’t see myself.” I ran my fingers over the thick cord, it was strong and smooth, almost like glass, though it was colored more like marble, white with thing veins of colors running through it.

“When I was younger I remember looking for you.” Alex confided, “But I could never find you. I would be drawn into your dream every night, but when you left I was never near you. I couldn’t find you. I don’t know why. Even after finding my Dad’s journal I knew I should be able to but I couldn’t.”

“You made me forget about you, you did the same to yourself, I guess.” I shrugged. I really didn’t know how dream walking worked much less how Alex’s form of it did. No one studied the dangerous powers – they were considered dangerous for a reason.

“How did I make you forget?” He was confused.

“I don’t know, I’m not the dream walker, but in my dream memories I saw it. I can show you.” I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be pretty, that it would be hard to go through, but he had to know. Just as I did.

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