Meeting the Boyfriend

Meeting the Boyfriend

Laker called his friend and until the boys decided one way or the other that’s how he’d remain in my eyes. I found it comforting and a little scary that my little brother was seeing boys as potential love interests, while the other was firmly into girls. Was I a bad influence?

Matt met us down stairs as we left to go into Little Italy. He was almost as tall as my brother, his jet black hair were a stark contrast to the amber colored eyes. And he was Venatori, he was still sixteen so he didn’t have the mark, but I knew he was, but not like any other Magnus I’d ever met. Instead of drawing in the elements, he pushed them away.

I introduced myself, “I’m Nox” I offered him my hand.

He shook his head, “I’d rather not. Why don’t you match them?” Matt nodded to my head.

It made me curious why Matt wouldn’t take my hand. “I don’t have the color to match easier to stay with just black.” I said to answer his question.

“My dad would kill me if I walked out of the house looking like this.”

“Most Venatori don’t really think their children are gay when that’s all they’ll ever be.” I said.

Matt shuffled his feet embarrassed by his heritage. “I’m not mad. I think he should know though.”

He looked up, “He does.”

Laker chipped in, “I do. We met in the ball courts outside the AU building. We played pick up games every summer. This year was different.”

Matt smiled and Laker took his hand. “Let’s go or we’ll be late.”

Rider and I followed the two new love birds it was fun watching. Laker and Matt talked in whispers together. Rider and I tried to ignore them by standing instead of sitting across from them. Rider bumped my hip and I turned to look behind me and saw my little brother kissing his first boy. I smirked and nodded my head in the direction of the front of the car. Rider just chuckled. “You think I should tell them to get a room?”

I shook my head. “It’s just a kiss.”

Rider laughed, “Like you and Alex have just a kiss.”

“Did your dad have the whole birds and bees talk with you?” I asked Rider.

“No but we’ve had health class. Abstinence is the best policy and if you are going to have sex always protect yourself.”

I nodded. “This goes for you too, but my bed side table always has condoms.”

Rider laughed, “I know and lube and toys and…” He smirked, “I took a few the other night when we went out.”

“I’d prefer it if you bring your your girls back to the house and not some sleazy motel or something,” I told Rider.

He didn’t blush. “I’ll keep that in mind. Though I think Laker might have issues with that.”

“Laker can bring his boys home.”

Rider grinned up at me, “He’s happier here with you. I think Dad pushes the girlfriend thing a little too much for him. It’s not that he’d hate Lake or anything but I think he’s afraid Dad will hate you for it.”

“I don’t blame him. My dad blames Dorian 80% of the time. He’s just now starting to understand that I was thinking about boys long before I even knew Dorian liked men.”

“Yeah, but Kai’s looking for excuses to make you not his son. Or that’s how I take it. He doesn’t want to be the dad of the guy who’s different. Cause it means that there is a lot to say about nurture versus nature.”

“You’ve talked with my dad?” I asked Rider.

He nodded. “I talk with everyone about you. Sometimes I feel like the older brother and then there are times I feel like I need my big brother, and you can’t be my big brother if you are falling apart. So yeah I talk to Margo and Dorian and you dad. I’d talk with Alex if I could.”

I sighed. “He’s not talking to anyone these days.”

Rider wrapped his arm around me as the train came to a stop. “I know man. Sage will find him then you can go give him an ear full.”

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