Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

I climbed out of bed a little worried about the dream but I had a brother to deal with. But I didn’t get out of the room before my phone rang. I answered it just as eagerly and my voice feel flat when Sage said. “Hey babe.”


“What’s wrong Nox?”

I sighed. “Alex isn’t calling me back. But that’s not why you called me.”

Sage laughed. “So to the point.”

“Always. I’m sorry. Just getting worried.”

Sage sighed, “Nox he’s gone.” Sage and Mia had been trying for days to get me to just forget the blue eyed boy from my dreams. As if that was ever going to happen. I knew he was right but I didn’t want to admit it. But he also sounded like he knew more than he was letting on. “Did you actually try to find him Sage?”

I heard the hesitation in his voice. “No. I’m still looking Nox.” He lied to me. But I didn’t say anything.

“I’ll keep searching. I promise.”

“Is that why you called me?” I asked.

Sage sighed, “Sorta, Dee said I needed to check on you see if you were still pouring your lost soul over this boy. I’ll do what I can Nox. I promise.”

“Thank you.” I tried to say but Sage was already gone. I headed for my door and as I passed Ophelia, she meowed at me, “What?” I complained.

She threw her tail up and then curled up and ignored me. “Yeah yeah yeah. I know I’m a mess. You’d be a mess too.” Her tail twitched and then she put her head down on her paws and ignored me more. “Stupid cat.” Though I said it lovingly as I reached down and rubbed her head. Then I left her alone. She’d scratch me just the same.

When I exited my bedroom I found my brothers playing video games on the living room couch. I flopped down in their laps and they grunted but didn’t say anything more as I assumed they raced around whatever track they were playing. I glanced at the screen and saw no race cars, they were playing some shoot em up game. Each on their own TV screen. I wasn’t sure where I got a second one, but there was no telling what Dorian and/or Kai bought my brothers.

Kai treated Laker and Rider like grandkids. I don’t know why, but he adored them almost as much as his other grand kids. I was happy that he did, but I wondered why. Maybe it was all the lost time.

“You want to go out to eat tonight?” Laker asked. “Marco said he’d save us all a table if we could convince you to come out with us?”

“Can we do lunch? I might be busy later tonight.”

Rider chuckled, “Did Sage call?”

“He did. He’s lying to me.”

Rider sighed, “I’m sure he’s not. He’s just loves you like the rest of us.”

“He’ll find him.” Laker added. I still knew Sage was lying to me.

“I just hope he’s not lying dead in a ditch somewhere.” I sighed.

Rider patted my shoulder, “He’s alright. I’m sure he’s just busy.”

“I mean who wouldn’t love to be with you. You cook, you clean, I’m sure you are a good fuck.”

I looked back at my brother, “Do you often wonder about how good I am in bed?”

Laker blushed, “No. But you had Michaela and Alex and I’m sure you’ve had a lot others too.”

“You think a lot about my sex life.”

Laker hung his head. “No. I just…”

“You just what?”

“How’d ya know?” Laker spoke quietly.

“How’d I know what?”

Rider chipped in, “That you liked boys. Laker’s got a friend…” He grinned at his brother and then at me. We were at the reason he’s texted me to begin with.

“Is he gay?” I asked.

Laker shrugged. “I don’t know.”

Rider giggled. “He’s into Laker, Lake isn’t sure he wants to be into him or not.”

I sat up and squished between my brothers and leaned against Laker. “Look, man. You don’t have to decide now. Take it slow, if you like him, ask him out. Worst he can say is no, and if he lays a finger on you for asking I want to know.”

Laker shook his head, “He’d never hurt me.”

“Good.” I smiled at him. “Bring him over for dinner one day. I’ll cook, we’ll all have fun. And you can see where it goes, in a safe environment. And I have plenty of condoms if you need them.” The latter part of my words made my brother blush bright red.

“Dad would never entertain this idea.”

“Do you think he’ll be upset?”

“No.” They both said at the same time. But it was Laker who continued, “Dad, just wants us to be happy but he wants grandkids too.”

“There are always ways for that boys.” I grabbed Laker’s controller. “Go invite him for lunch at Marco’s.”

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