The Moment

I don’t know if there was a defining moment when I knew my former love life was the right one. From the moment I ‘met’ Alex, he was the one. It just took me and AJ a while to figure that one out.

But if there was a moment. I think Dev’s PoV here is pretty spot on about how we feel about each other.

Lost In You

Nox’s lips against Dev’s made him lose all thought but his. His touch always did. The connection they’d had before Dev had ever met him snapped closed when ever skin touched. It was like closing one of Sage’s circuits. Flipping a switch and there was nothing but Nox. Dev felt the world close off and he could bask in the only person that mattered.

It had never been like that with Dee. They’d shared a bond. Shared intimacy and sex and everything in between, but Dee never gave herself to him completely. There was always that part of her that she hid. She hadn’t known she was doing it. She still did it now. Kept part of her from him. Even with the Demon gone.

And Sage knew nothing but protecting himself and you. His shields encompassing you but keeping you at bay all at the same time. Nox – he gave himself completely. He opened up, let Dev in completely. They became one with each caress of skin.

Dev could read any lovers mind. Be exactly what they wanted, but with Nox he didn’t have to it was just there, they connected and they both knew what to do. Knew where to touch, where to kiss. He knew the moment Nox started to fight for control and relished the thought that Nox was his to command. It wasn’t his kink, he knew that. But with Nox he didn’t care.

It was glorious. Sex was always good with Dee. Sex with Sage was intriguing – showing the novice the way around the pony track was fun. It was so hard not to get lost in Nox. Even watching him with Dee had been intoxicating. Sage thought so too. It had been all Dev could do to keep the other blue-eyed boy from his body until they were safely in their room.

Now they didn’t need it. Now Nox was alone and the power of their naked bodies alone could bring Dev to his climax. Nox coaxed every last bit from him and collapsed to the side next to him. And when he rolled to the side their connection broke and Dev felt alone in the chaos that was the world until Nox reached across and entwined his fingers in Dev’s and the world felt right again. He didn’t know how he could ever think that Nox didn’t want this. Didn’t want him. It wasn’t the sex, Dev could feel it. The sex was amazing, but Nox needed more Dev was part of that key. Dev knew it in his heart of hearts and he felt it for the first time in a long time. It wasn’t happy but complete contentment. Maybe Ant was right, maybe Dee needed more help then he could offer her. Which only made it hurt all that much more. Nox rolled on to his side and pressed his lips to Dev’s neck. “Stop worrying Dev. For now just let it go, be our Rock star.” Nox pressed himself against him and mumbled, “I’m going to take a nap then fuck you again.” And he closed his eyes with a satisfied grin and drifted into sleep. Dev joined him there.

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