Plans To Go Home

Plans To Go Home

As soon as we were in the elevator I was wrapped around Alex and when the elevator started it descent down Matt held out his hand. “I’m Matt.” I watched as the boys amber eyes lit up as he grinned at Alex. “I’m a null, I don’t know what you are so I understand if you don’t want to shake my hand.”

I took a deep breath and spoke against Alex’s neck. “We’ll work on that first thing. You should be able to touch people without nulling their abilities.”

Alex pulled me tighter against him with the wrap of one arm as he reached out and took the boys hand. “If you can do it Nox, so can I.”

I sighed at that, it wasn’t true, and I heard Alex gasp as he touched Matt’s hand. He quickly pulled it away. “I don’t think I like it that quiet.”

Alex pulled my chin up to look me in the eyes, “You didn’t mind did you?” He said it full of care and concern and there was even a hint of jealousy in his voice.
I shrugged, “It feels good to not see or feel any of it, even if only for a moment.”

“Would you give it all up?” Matt asked.

I folded my self back against Alex and shook my head, “Not in a million years.”

Matt gave me a wry grin and looked at Alex, “Do you know what a tacet is?”

“A what?” He asked.

“A tacet. A formerly magical Venatori whose magic was forcefully taken. That’s what he saved me from.”

Alex chuckled, “Of course he did. And he saved that one from being eaten alive by a pack. He saved a dragon boy after her venatori induced death.” Alex didn’t mention my part in her capture, though I knew he had been angry about it all. I still had to do my job.

The elevator doors finally opened and we were all free from the confines of the plate glass death trap.

We were well out of the casino, and blocks away from the Venatori strong hold in Vegas before we were called from the shadows, “Psst.” Like some cheesy mystery movie.

Alex chuckled at my thoughts and when Ant joined us he was laughing, “I should be wearing a long trench coat and a fedora?”

I grinned and gave him a wink, “Maybe. And maybe nothing else…”

Ant growled at me, “There are children present.”

I rolled my eyes, “They better get used to me if they are going to stick around.”

Ant looked at them and then back at me. And then he looked at Alex who was frowning at me.

“I’m sorry.” My head dropped the moment the words left my mouth. I’d forgotten his issue with Ant and I just set off the landmine again. “I’ll do better.”

Alex sighed and wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him, “I will admit, that he’s got a certain bit of charm about him. But you are mine.”

I looked up brightly at Alex, “Always. No matter what. I’m sorry I’m a horrible flirt.”

Alex pressed a finger to my lips. “Stop now. It’s okay.” He leaned across and pressed a tender kiss to my lips and my body reacted to his tongue lightly running over my bottom lip before he bit it. “So easy.”

“Only for you.” I whispered back breathlessly.

“Get a room!” Ant said.

“Actually, we’d like to go home.”

Ant grinned. “Fine fine fine. I took Benji to his parents to help them get ready. His parents will be ready soon. I took the liberty of shifting Serenity to her home. Left a bag of cash in her wake to pay for the space. I can take you back to your hotel, and then back home and you can sleep in your own bed.” Ant said mostly to me.

Both of them laughed at the sigh coming from my mouth. “I think he’d like that. Though we’ll walk to the casino, check out properly and then you can take us all home. You have room for two more Nox?”

I nodded, “There is always room. We can make it.”

Alex sighed. I wasn’t sure he was happy about all that, but he’d do. but I was happy. Alex was going home with me, at least temporarily. I hoped he’d stay longer but I wasn’t going to push it. Even for the night as long as he didn’t run away completely again I could survive. I really hadn’t realized how much I needed him.

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  1. “Ant growled at me, “There are children present.” Why do I have this feeling that he was mentally including Alex in that statement? lol

    “I’m sorry I’m a horrible flirt.” Actually, Nox, the problem is you’re a good flirt. :lol: If you were a horrible flirt, I think you’d have Alex’s sympathy as well as his jealousy.

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