Never Enough



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Never Enough

When I stepped out of the bathroom Alex was fully dressed in a black suit.

Alex interrupted my thoughts, “It’s not a suit, it’s an Armani.”

I snickered, “You know how that sounds right?”

“Fuck you!” Alex sneered even as he pulled me closer. “Just because I know what an Armani suit is you’re calling me gay?”

I pressed up against him. “I didn’t say that. I just asked you if you know how it sounds. I think it’s pretty cool you know the names of designer clothes and buy them for me.”

“I never said yours was an Armani.”

I grinned at him, “I know how to read a label.” And then I pressed a kiss to his lips. “I love that you bought me clothes. Clothes that you think I look good in.” I pressed my lips against his neck and whispered, “Clothes I can’t wait to take off for you.”

“Fuck pretty boy.” Alex pulled away from me and grabbed one hand and then ran his fingers through my hair. “You look fucking hot. But if we don’t go now I don’t think we’ll leave.”

I chuckled and followed Alex out the door, “Is there anything wrong with that?” Alex sighed, “No, but we have a dinner date. I made reservations while you were in the shower.”

“You did? Or James?” I asked.

Alex looked at me, and then looked me up and down. “I wish I could say I did, but it was James.”

“You know I hate calling you that right?”

“Like my name is all that great, Pretty boy.” Alex said as we started down the stairs.

We were barely inside the stair well when I pushed Alex up against the wall pinning him in his Armani suit against the wall with his blonde hair and ice blue eyes I loved so much. He was gorgeous and I was fucking in love. I was in love with Alex, not James Hutton. “Your name is everything Alex Xander Kennedy.” I whispered in his ear and wondered where the fuck I came up with that.

Alex snickered as he ducked under my arm and grabbed my hand to head back down the stairs, he wasn’t going to be tempted by me at all. I was going to have to work harder.

“Please try.” Alex teased, but then he got all serious. “How did you know my middle name?”

I stopped at the top of the landing and Alex was staring up at me from a few steps down still holding my hand. I asked, “You mean that really was your middle name, it wasn’t just me being …”

Alex tugged on my hand and I took the steps down and we kept walking. “The story goes, my mother got distracted by the loss of my dad again, while filling out the paperwork. Tears and confusion later she receives my birth certificate in her PO box in Ward and it’s says Alex Xander instead of Alexander. So yeah, officially that’s my name. I only told you once, never told you why.”

“I don’t remember finding that dream.” I said.

Alex shrugged, “Another classic piece of information that just comes spewing out of your mouth when you least expect it.”

“I am sorry I don’t remember all the things you do.”

Alex sighed, “Nox, it’s not your fault. I relied on it as a kid and before we decided to make it a real thing. I could tell you anything. And you’d never remember it. I knew you were real. I knew that one day it could bite me in the ass, but you were my only friend. Kish told me to talk to someone. My mother exploited my ability to no end and I resented her for it. I love her don’t get me wrong but what she did I’d never do to a kid.”

I grinned at him, “Well then we’ll just have to make sure our kids don’t grow up like us.”

Alex laughed, “Already planning on our kids huh?”

I chuckled, “Alex, you do remember I promised a dragon to take care of her kid right.”

Alex shook his head, “No, I’d forgotten. I still have a problem getting around the fact that you used him against her.”

I confessed, “I would never have let the kid get hurt. Even if I said it.”

“You lied to her?” Alex laughed, “You never lie.”

“I lie all the fucking time Alex. I lie to do my job. To protect people, to save lives. I lie everyday about what I am, who I am. I will never lie to you. I make a point of never lying in my personal life.”

Alex nodded and held open the bottom floor door and we walked through it one after the other still holding hands. It felt good to have Alex’s hand in mine, his fingers wrapped around mine. I just wish it was more. More Alex – I’d never get enough.

Ant and Benji were sitting at a set of couches in the same area but they didn’t look like they knew each other. Made me wonder if they had met or not before. Ant was shaking his head when we approached, “What?” I asked him.

He kept shaking his head but it was Benji that answered, “You are so fucking loud. It really amazes me Alex lets you out of the house with those thoughts running through your head.”

I smirked, “It’s a chore.”

Alex grinned, “He’s only loud when he thinks no one is listening. But let’s go before we do end up back upstairs.”

Ant laughed, “Hard to keep your hands off him?”

“Yes.”, I said as Alex echoed my sentiment with his own “Yeah.” Which only made our friends shake their head more, but we got up and headed to wherever Alex was taking us.


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  1. ambroseandelsie Avatar

    “You are so fucking loud. It really amazes me Alex lets you out of the house with those thoughts running through your head.” lol

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    1. Nox Avatar

      I’m a pervert what can i say.

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      1. ambroseandelsie Avatar

        Hahahaha! Naughty, naughty Nox. :lol:

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      2. Nox Avatar

        Hey Alex loves me that’s all that matters. Aj rolls her eyes all the time

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