More Prophecy

More Prophecy

I felt Alex in my head as we walked down the hall and Ant stopped in front of the elevators and sat down against the wall and I joined him. He jerked his head back the way we came. “Deacon’s panicking, he was robbed last night. Our eyes and ears say he’s frantic. Do you know anything about it?”

I shrugged, “What you said was going to happen did.”

Ant sighed, “Did you tell him?”

“I did. He doesn’t believe in prophecy anymore than I do.” I answered.

“What you two believe doesn’t matter a whole hell of a lot. It’s now my job to formally make it a thing. You think he’ll accept the job?”

I shook my head, “I don’t know, but I don’t think he will.” I sighed, “But if Cari won’t take it back I’ll make sure it stays safe.”

Ant grinned at me. “I knew you would but I wasn’t going to imply it. Mother said that I am not allowed to make you guardian of the book. But she didn’t say anything about you protecting it.”

I shrugged. “You know I’m not going to let anything hurt Alex. It’s the only reason I agreed to help Scarlet.”

“How are you going to stop Abraham?”

“I don’t know. I don’t even know what he’s trying to do.”

“There is no telling. But it’s our job to make sure whatever it is he doesn’t reveal vampires or the supernatural world in general.” Ant declared.

I sighed, “While you are here. Who is Kitsune?”

Ant looked at me and frowned, “Where’d you hear that name?”

“Scarlet Snow. She told me to ask you about it though she gave me some information but what does it have to do with him.” I nodded back towards Alex’s room. Vampire hearing and all. No mistakes, I didn’t need to ruin Alex’s con.

Ant started explaining. “Kitsune is a trickster, clever, sly fox that was foretold to walk to dreams seeking their true love. For millenia the fox searched but never found his true love. Every few centuries Kitsune takes a human form – a babe with special gifts.”

I interrupted, “The gift of connections, dreaming and telepathy?”

“Walking Eberon is required for Kitsune to combine with the child to search the mortal realm for his love.” And said, “The rest I don’t know. But not just any dream walker. Not all dream walkers can walk Eberon.”

“I’ve been there with him.”

Ant nodded, “Mother has been watching him since she met you. He was at our shields nearly every night with you in our midst.”

“So it’s a possession?” I frowned.

“Not at all. Kitsune is an entity of magic, He’s just an entity of magic, just as you are. Remember Mother sees you in prophecy too. You are Ascendant. At least her beleif.”

“What the hell is that even?” I asked.

Ant shrugged. “No idea, but mother will explain it all if you wish to sit and listen.”

“Vampire prophecy?”

Ant laughed, “Not really. But the book of the dead is not really the vampire bible. It’s not even the Book of the Dead. The Origin of Species?”

“You mean the book by Darwin?”

“Darwin studied the Umbra, but he wrote the book you speak of in terms of scientific endeavors. He was one of the few humans who believed in the Umbra and the theory of evolution of species. It’s a long and complicated thing really. His title is based on the original book my Mother has been keeping safe. Now Kitsune is keeper. And you guardian. Have you seen it?”

Alex had shown me it. “It was out when we got interrupted.”

Ant growled, “Fuck!”

I shook my head. “No, I veiled it. Even he can’t find it when he set it down.”

“I guess if Mother can’t break your veils then they should be fine.” Ant sighed. We sat there in silence just staring at the elevators watching people. They gave us strange looks as we just sat on the floor ‘specially since I had no shoes.

Ant glanced over at me and smirked. “So…”

“What?” I asked.

“Sage called me. Wanting me to whisk you home so that your brothers and family could comfort you.”

“I look like I need comforting?” I asked.

Ant shook his head and laughed, “No. I expect they think Alex told you to get the fuck out.”

“Actually I think they expected me to tell him off for leaving like that. And I did, but Alex didn’t let me walk away after I ended it.”

“And you look happy for it.”

I smirked, “He kissed me, we made promises I hope we keep and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

Ant shook his head. “Really don’t know why they thought you could say no to the boy in your dreams.”

“I don’t think they fully understand the depths of my feelings for him. To them he’s just a guy I just met.” I sighed, “And in a few ways it’s the same for me. So fucking much I don’t remember.”

“But you are doing that dream regression stuff right?”

I nodded. “I am. And finding out so much stuff.”

“Maybe you and he can figure out what the fuck goes on with you at night. Why those scars and such.”

“Maybe.” I said.

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