The words alone had me hard and I pressed up against Alex. He chuckled, “Sit still.” I groaned and did as he asked. We were all ready to begin a lust filled session before dinner but I felt that tug that told me Ant was knocking.

“Go away.” I muttered and Alex sat up and looked at me.

“Now I know you aren’t talking to me.”

I sighed, “Ant’s knocking.”

“He knocking? I don’t hear anything.”

“It’s something he does in my head when he wants to come over through the shadows. He knows I hate him just walking in.”

“You mean he asks first? Fucking vampire just walks into my room.”

I laughed. “I can ignore him, but it gets annoying if he’s persistent.”

But we didn’t get a chance to decide before there was a knock on the door. Alex growled. “Fucking vampire.”

I shook my head, “That’s a vampire, but that’s not Ant.” Alex crawled off of me and I hid the book behind a veil. The last thing a vampire needed was to see the book no matter who was here. But it wasn’t Ant, I knew that.

Alex groaned. He spoke tightly in my head. I’m not Alex. Don’t mention Ant or the book. Don’t think about anything of importance.

Anything of importance. I laughed as Alex was opening the door. Everything was important so what did he want me to think about? So I sat on the edge of Jimmy’s bed thinking about all the things we almost got to do. I didn’t shield, I didn’t hide. I wasn’t angry – just annoyed that we didn’t get to play. The door opened to reveal two vampires and the pretty little thing that took me to meet Abraham. Dusk must be upon us and these were indeed powerful vampires to be up and about before the sun was truly gone.

I recognized Abraham and Roseya, but the other man I didn’t know. I figured Alex would or he wouldn’t have let any of them in. Tell Ant to use the door. Alext mentally told me and I gave him a mental nod, though I wasn’t exactly sure how to do that so I lounged in Alex’s bed propping my feet up and relaxing as if I didn’t care that these people were interrupting our sex. Though I was still very much interested in what we had been doing. I texted Ant a response to his question and continued to fiddle on my phone pretending I wasn’t listening.

“James, you really are playing with fire, aren’t you?” Abraham asked. “We thought it was just a rumor that the boy was your play thing.”

Alex chuckled, “He came all this way to see me. I can’t exactly send him away now can I?” He gave me the once over and licked his lips before he turned his attention of the vampires. Alex didn’t offer his hand for that I was grateful.

The other vampire asked, “Are you going to introduce us?”

I took it as my cue to stand up and set my phone down next to Alex’s. “Nox Sétanta.”

“Mr. Sétanta. I’ve heard of you.”

“Nothing good I’m sure.” I grinned at him and offered him my hand, my thumb up ensuring that my wrist was not offered. “And you would be?”

“Brandon Holt.” He took my hand and shook it gently. I felt the sparks of old power all around him.

“A name I know. A first vampire – second generation. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting your great nephew.” I said diplomatically.

“That’s not something you’d learn in The Academy.”

I grinned. “Your great nephew’s son has taught me a lot about vampire lore and culture.”

“Which one would that be?” He asked.

“Anthony Giovanni.”

“Ah. Those rumors are true too it seems Abraham. The Prince of New York is in town.” Ant chose that moment to knock and I smirked at the vampire. He chuckled, “I assume that would be him.”

I shrugged. “He is a friend. He’d be looking out for me.” Ant opened the door and

“And James?”

I shrugged again. “I don’t know how he knows James.”

“We’ve met before.” Alex said running his fingers through the blonde hair I still couldn’t get over seeing on him. I could forget it while he wasn’t touching it but when he ran his fingers through his hair now all I saw was the wrong color. “We have a mutual interest.” Alex added as he looked at me with a smug smirk.

Ant gave Alex a fangy grin. “Mutual.” They had shared something I didn’t get to hear. I wasn’t sure I liked that.

Chill, Pretty boy, I’m not cheating on you.

I gave him a wry look. “Uh huh.” I nodded. I knew Alex wasn’t cheating on me, but it didn’t stop the jealousy. Green wasn’t a good color on me.

Alex laughed in my head. Green looks good on you.

“So Brandon, what can Jimmy do for you?”

“It’s a little private matter we were discussing.”

Ant put his hand on my shoulder, “We’ll leave. I need him anyway.”

“I just got here.” I complained.

“We aren’t going far.” Ant said, “You don’t even need to put on shoes.”

I looked back at Alex and he gave me a mental nudge. It’s alright. Dinner after this.

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