Walk Me Home

Walk Me Home

We got to the exit and Alex was chuckling to himself. “What?” I asked.

He held up my Nike’s. “You gonna walk home barefoot?”

I grinned. “I guess I was.” I sat down on the floor and pulled on my sneakers. “I’m glad I have you looking out for me.”

Alex rolled his eyes as he offered me a hand up. We left the safe house and I was more surprised that it was right in the open at one of the casinos right on the strip. We walked for a few blocks before I said something, “So you enjoy the show?”

“I always like watching you move.” Alex sighed, “I will admit I was doing more than just watching you move.”

I smirked turning the thought into something else which made Alex chuckle. “Not what I meant pretty boy.”

“I know. You were seeing how Ant I act around each other. I remembered the dream we shared the night I first met Ant. I told you about wanting him. You got mad at me and we had an argument till I was whisked away you tried to distract me.”

Alex frowned. “Ant and I are cool now. He’s still a fucking blood sucker and if he ever hurts…”

I interrupted. “Ant would never hurt me Alex.”

Alex nodded, “I know that too.” Alex sighed and pulled me across the street and into another alley way. “How much do you know about that night? With Ant?

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You don’t feel him?” Alex asked.

“I don’t understand.” Alex leaned against the wall and sighed, “He says you have a sort of bond with him. He told me about it when we talked in the bar. I don’t understand half this world you live in. But I believe him. I don’t like that you wanted him Nox. But I get it was the magic. I don’t like it. I know that he will only look out for you. I’m not going to stop being jealous cause you are mine.”

I moved faster than usual and had Alex pinned up against the wall with my body pressing against his. “Alex, I’m yours. Always. No one will take me from you. This is where I want to be.”

Alex put one hand on my hip then the other. “You want to be here with me in an alley?”

“I want to be anywhere with you, anytime, forever.” I said.

“Forever, eh?”

I nodded and pressed a kiss to his lips. “Forever.”

I grabbed his hand and lead him out of the alley way, “We have a dinner to get to?”

“I guess.” Alex said. “We could skip it?”

I shook my head. “I thought you wanted to get me all dressed up so you could get me out of them fancy clothes.”

“I thought there was a private fashion show in mind?” Alex teased.

“If that’s what you want.” I smiled. “I’m more than happy to put them back on and let you take them back off.”

“I think I’ll take you out first.” Alex smiled at me. Not a smirk but a smile a real one. It almost melted my heart to see him smile like that. Fuck I was falling so hard for the boy in my dreams.

Alex shoulder checked me, “Ditto.”

The simple word made me smile even more. “Ant told me if you steal the book of the dead he’s not going to take it back from you – something about prophecy fulfilled.” I confessed.

Alex frowned. “Prophecy? You believe in that shit?”

I shook my head, “No, but Cari does. And she’s the one who gives Ant his orders. And she tells him her plans – her lieutenant and all. Scarlet Snow called you Kitsune. A lot of people believe in prophecy.”

Alex hummed as we walked into the casino and we took the stairs. Alex didn’t even start towards the elevator. I pulled in my lips to hide the smile that was forming and Alex chuckled, “Yes, I do remember things.”

I nodded. “I know. But you are taking the stairs.”

“I can walk.”

Alex opened the door to his room and I stepped through first. The door was closing and I sat on the bed and kicked off my shoes. We had a dinner to get to. Alex was smirking as he walked past me into the bathroom and then came out holding a towel. “I think there is a problem.”

I looked up as Alex unfolded the towel and revealed a very old leather tome. I gasped a little as I realized Alex had already stolen the book. “You don’t say. Was that where you went for your meeting?”

Alex just shrugged and sat down next to me. “I honestly was going to give it back to the Prince of Darkness, but if he won’t take it I don’t want this fucking thing.”

“The Prince of Darkness?” I laughed. “Ant would so hate that.”

“He does.” Alex smirked. “It’s why it’s his nick name now.”

“Not just the fucking blood sucker? Or Anthony ‘fucking’ Giovanni.”

Alex smirked, “I know I’ve never said that to you.”

“Just like I’m Nox ‘fucking’ Sétanta.” I grinned at him and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I think you like using those words all together and not always in the same way.”

“Are you saying I’m crushing on the prince of darkness?” Alex asked standing up and giving me this look that said I’d better not say yes.

“Not crushing. Jealous. Not sure what to think. I dunno, really. Just an observation.”

Alex’s look didn’t get any better as he stared down at me with his hands on his hips like he was ready to scold me. I couldn’t help but just grin up at him. “So do you want to tell Ant? Or just keep the book. We could take it my storage unit where I keep my journals and hide it there. No one’s going to break into the AU vaults.”

“I don’t want it.” Alex blurted out.

“But if Ant won’t take it back, we need to keep it safe. In the wrong hands it could do some hefty damage.”

Alex groaned, “Fuck.” He straddled my body and pushed me back on to the bed. “You’re going to make me do the right thing here aren’t you.”

I shrugged and then put my hands on his hips grinning up at him. “I’m not going to make you do anything unless you want me to.”

Alex pulled in his lips and the look in his eyes changed from worry to lust and then back to worry before he sighed. “You sure it’ll be safe there?”

“We can make it safe. I have this rune that only works for me. I can see if we can replicate it and use it as a safe.”

“A rune?”

I grinned up at him. “I’ll show you when we get back home. Or.. To…”

Alex leaned down and pressed a kiss hard to my lips to shut me up. He whispered, “Home is fine. I like that you want me with you.”

I sighed, “But you don’t want to live with me.”

Alex kissed me tenderly and sucked on my bottom lip eliciting a groan from my lips and a tightening of my body, “Yet.” He answered.




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