Alex and Ant?

Alex and Ant?

I was still a little perturbed by the idea that the world knew about me. I was nothing. No one important. But someone did hire someone else to kill me, so there’s that. But … I shook my head as I neared Alex’s casino. It was a pretty sight even in the afternoon. The sky was bright blue and there were no clouds in the sky. Perfect day. And here I was avoiding death by being me. A great day? Maybe. All I really wanted to do was hang out with Alex for a little while and relax.

But no, I have to do Scarlet Snow’s bidding, and save two boys. Because now even though I’d left the werewolf boy alone, I knew I wouldn’t let it lie. No way I was gonna let a kid like that become a Venatori victim. I took the stairs to Alex’s room. I figured I could at least wait outside it for him to come home. I had no idea when that would be but I would wait nonetheless. Once on Alex’s floor I walked slowly I wasn’t in a hurry. And if Alex was there he could feel me coming closer and wrap up whatever he was doing.

So when I got to the door and it opened I wasn’t surprised. “You are so fucking loud,” however I was surprised to see Ant smirking at the door.

I wasn’t making noise. Alex was behind him, “Come in pretty boy.”

I looked at Ant as I walked past him. “What are you doing here?”

Ant looked at me with a straight face but I could see how hard he was trying not to laugh. “I’m doing what you said, getting to know your boy better.”

I stopped well before Alex who was sitting on the bed watching me. He was at least sitting on the edge and not lounging – that wouldn’t have been good. He was smirking at me. He was listening to my litany of thoughts about him. “Don’t worry pretty boy I haven’t turned into a fang banger,” Alex joked.

I turned to face Ant leaving Alex to my back, “Uh huh. That’s why you are here. Has nothing at all to do why you are here in Vegas.” I chose to ignore the comment Alex made and pretend it didn’t bother me that Ant was here.

I turned back to Alex and stepped so I could see both of them without having to turn. “Rumor has it Alex is looking to steal the Book of the Dead from Deacon LeClair.” I blurted out to change the topic. I didn’t want to deal with my concerns. They were in my head. The panic that threatened to take over. The unfounded fears – this was my boyfriend and my fucking best friend. No one was going to hurt me but that didn’t stop my head from going to the dark places.

Alex held out his hand to me and I took it without thinking and he pulled me close and into his lap. It was automatic, and I curled into him and like that the fears were gone, he was probably manipulating me a little but it didn’t matter – not to me anyway. Alex only laughed, “The Book of the Dead? Is that even a thing? Sounds like it’s from some cheezy b-rated vampire movie plot.”

Ant was chuckling where I had left him. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him quite so easily quelled.”

Alex pulled me tighter against him. “It helps he takes suggestions well,” he said and pressed a kiss to the side of my neck

“You manipulate him.” Ant growled. I felt his hand on my shoulder and he started to pull.

But Alex shifted back and Ant let go, Alex shook his head, “I only calm him down. He doesn’t mind.”

I nodded, “He doesn’t do it when it counts, Ant. Please don’t start.” I said sitting up and looking over at my friend. “Please just don’t. But really Alex, I spoke with the vampire Prince and he said you were going to steal the book.”

Alex sighed. “What are you doing talking with Abraham Morgan?”

“Scarlet Snow sent me.” I said.

“Why?” Alex asked, though he wasn’t showing it I knew he was angry.

“Because I’m expendable.”

He stood up nearly dumping me onto the floor but I managed to stand up before he did and was shaking his finger at me, “Fuck, Nox. You can’t go playing with vampires you don’t know.”

“And you fucking can?” I didn’t shout, but could hear the anger I had when I threatened Darwynn’s employer.

Ant stepped back into the shadows and I heard a distinct pop as he disappeared into them. He didn’t want to get involved, and I didn’t blame him.

I sighed and took a step away from Alex. “I have a hell of a lot more problems than meeting with vampires. Someone’s trying to kill me.”

Alex looked at me and I was thinking about the conversation with Darwynn. Alex frowned, “Jesus fucking Christ Nox. You talked with your assassin and you didn’t kill him.”

I shrugged, “He didn’t try to kill me then. And this particular assassin has rules. And me saving kids seems to be something to save me.”

“Saving kids?”

I nodded, “He followed me apparently while I tracked down a wolf boy, that had been in the alley. And as I was talking with the kid in Scarlet’s care I plan on taking back with me to the Academy and teaching him his power.”

Alex stared at me. “You’ve been busy. But Nox, come on, you can’t stay here if someone is trying to kill you.”

I shrugged. “It’s no different than home, Alex. I’m Venatori I am always in danger.”

Alex growled and started pacing. This was going to be a bad afternoon.


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  1. ambroseandelsie Avatar

    Poor Nox! Whenever AJ writes something like this “The sky was bright blue and there were no clouds in the sky. Perfect day. And here I was avoiding death by being me. A great day? Maybe.”, Nox should automatically start getting worried. Because something is just bound to go boom!

    “You can’t go playing with vampires you don’t know.” :lol: Why am I imagining Nox and Abraham sitting in a sand box building sand castles and along comes Alex like a disapproving mother to drag Nox away?

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