Matt’s Problem

Matt’s Problem

But with the werewolf boy in my rear view. I had hoped he’d come with me, or after me or something. I had another boy on my mind. And really he wasn’t only 9 years or so younger than me. I was still a boy by most standards. The thought that Alex was a few years older than me made me smirk. An older man. I could tell him that. I was grateful that Alex had been my first experience – a once thought dream with a boy I didn’t know turned out to be a first experience I wished could truly have been my first. My first sexual encounter, my first man. My first. But I was going to go with Alex was my first and my last and that’s the way I wanted it. But there were so many in between.

But back to what Matthew Davenport needed. He was a null. I didn’t really know how to help him. But I knew what I’d done with Dae’lin back in school so while I walked I pulled out my phone and started dictating a schedule of sorts.

Matt would need to know the basics every Venatori did. Matt had been to the Academy. But we couldn’t rely on that. He wasn’t paying attention out of spite. He had to be a smart kid to get out of the Academy and back to Vegas. I don’t know why his parents didn’t see better, but then again he was being cared for by Scarlet Snow and she was more manipulative than loving. A fucking great combination.

We’d have to cover patterns, and how the elements and other powers worked. We could easily do Venatori gifts and powers, the others though they would need to be work shopped. Thankfully I knew enough of the other races to get some good fun lessons in.

There was a lot of things we’d have to experiment with. A null wasn’t exactly studied, they usually ended up tacet like Matt was heading for and for the same reasons. No one truly understood them. I was grateful Dae’lin was my mentor. She was the only reason I made it through my lessons. I don’t think Matt needed quite the relationship as we had, but I’m sure I’d figure it all out.

While I talked into my phone I headed for Scarlet’s Casino. I didn’t wait for them to find me I headed up to the room I’d seen Matt in – this time I knocked and waited. I could hear someone on the other side. So I knew someone was there.

The door opened and a single amber eye peeked through the crack. And just as quickly the door opened fully with a kid and his broad smile. I offered him my hand, “You remember me?”

He looked at me and then my hand and shook his head. “No, I’d better not, Nox.” But he grinned as he stepped aside so I could come in.

“You can touch someone without affecting them, if you know what you are doing?” I said. I’d had much the same conversation with Sage in the past, but his haphephobia was highly ingrained into his psyche. “Please, shake my hand, let me feel it.”

Matt shook his head. “I don’t have any control over what nulls and what doesn’t, you could be like Wolverine and when I take your powers away you’ll die.”

I laughed. “I’d actually seen that happen in the movies with Sage. But I’m not a super healer, none of mine have been life threatening and I’m really only twenty-five. Please?” I asked again.

The look on the boys face said he didn’t trust it. “Sit down then, and let me touch you don’t touch me.”

I nodded. “Understood.” I held out my hand. I knew I had control issues too when trying new things, or teaching someone something. I would respect Matt’s issues too, but I really wanted to know how this worked.

Matt touched my hand lightly and I felt a slight tingle as his power washed over me. It was quiet for the first time. All pain from my own power was gone, the patterns were gone from my vision. All at a mere touch. I relaxed completely in myself.

The amber eyed boy removed his hands from mine and the world jolted back into reality and I gasped with the sudden reappearance of it all. “Fuck!”

Matt shrank back into the chair he was sitting in. “See it’s not good.”

I shook my head in response to Matt, but also to clear my head, “No it was amazing. So fucking amazing. But it all came back so suddenly.”

“No one has ever liked what I did to them.” Matt exclaimed.

“Dude, no one lives with what I live with. Now if we could just harness your powers in something I could carry around.” I sighed, “Though I’d have to live a different life. I rely on my power.” So much for that I thought.

“So I’m working on a plan to get you back in the Academy and without making you tacet.”

“I don’t like the Academy.” Matt said, “I won’t go back.”

“You have rudimentary control?” He nodded, and I continued, “You just don’t like the element classes.”

“Or any of the other classes. I didn’t mind when we were learning useful things, but I’m not going to be a hunter. Why do I need to know about vampires and werewolves.”

“Did you ever think about exile?”

Matt’s eyes went wide. “I can do that?”

“I wouldn’t suggest it, but you have rudimentary control, and you know what you can do they don’t. Can you try a few classes back in New York, I’ll take most of what I can for the power parts, you’ll only see me for that, but the rest of it. Finish it off, you have two years left.”

“But it’s so boring.”

I nodded, “I know. But let me get you to New York first, then we’ll work on getting you into a human school and maybe college.”


I nodded. “Yeah, really.” I stood up. “I should go write all this down so I can give it to Scarlet.”

Matt stood up and wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug, and just as quickly he let go. The powers in flux had me staggering back.

“I’m so sorry.” Matt looked sheepishly at me through his hair covered eyes.

I grinned at him, “It’s alright. I’ll help you figure it out.” I moved his hair from his eyes without touching his skin, “We’ll figure this out. I promise.” I handed him my card. “Call me if you need anything.” That was twice today.

Matt took it and nodded. “Thank you Nox.”

“Anytime Matt. I’ll get Scarlet to let you go.” I said as I headed for the white door and let myself out. I was having such an accomplished day today, I felt good as I walked down the stairs.

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