Private Viewing

Three suits and five casual outfits later, with shoes and belts and everything else under the sun you could think of including boxers and swim trunks later, Alex and I were carrying bags into his hotel room. Alex looked at me and frowned. “Dinner tonight, I want you to wear the dark suit and the green shirt.”

“Why the frown?” I asked.

He smiled at me as he came close taking the bags from me and dropping them where we stood. He pressed his body against mine and I felt his hard on pressing against my own. “I don’t want you to leave, but I have things to do, and so do you. Dinner at 6, yes?”

I nodded. “I could be persuaded to stay here.”

Alex laughed. “Me too, Pretty boy, but they won’t wait. Sooner we get done, the sooner I can get you out of these clothes, and into some fine things just so I can take you out of them again.”

I grinned. “Is that a promise.”

Alex shook his head, “No. But it’s my goal for the night.”

“I can try it all on again and let you strip me out of each new outfit. Just to make sure you like what you bought.”

Alex huffed then pressed a hard kiss to me before shoving me away. “Go now before we end up in bed.”

I bit my bottom lip and stared across at him. I didn’t want to leave. I felt the sadness sinking in. Alex wrapped his arms around me, “Soon pretty boy. We got things to do. I’m not going anywhere.”

“Me either. Well…”

Alex chuckled and shoved me again. “I know what you mean. Go. Please.” he didn’t beg, it sounded more like a command. So I went.

I dragged out of the hotel. The same man from before was sitting in the same chair reading the same paper. It was old, it wasn’t even today’s. I sat down in the chair opposite of him and he glanced over the paper and then folded it in his lap and stared at me with the amber green eyes of a lion. I grinned at him and he nodded before he stood up and walked away.

Now to go find the vampire prince and work out a training schedule for my null friend. But I wasn’t sure how to go about finding the vampires lair. I probably should have asked about that before agreeing to it.

A woman in a red dress sat down across from me. Her power was very much like that of a vampire, but it was day light and she sat in the sun. Chevalier – lesser mostly likely. Most vampires didn’t know how to make a true Chevalier. I’d only met one – well two – true Chevalier.

Her lips were red and she smiled at me licking her lips like I was some sort of meal. “Nox.” I said to introduce myself.

“Roseya. My master was informed you were looking for him, he sent me to acquaint myself with you.”

“Pretty name.” I sat forward and leaned my elbows on my knees and whispered, I’d knew she could hear me. “Ms. Snow wants …”

She shimmied closer to me and put her hand on my knee and leaned in, “We know what she wants, but my master won’t be persuaded.”

I sighed. “Persuasion is the best option. I really don’t want to make this a fight.”

Roseya’s smile grew wide. “That’s what she said you’d say.”

I pulled away from her, and leaned against the back of my chair crossing my legs, putting myself at a greater distance. Something about her said I needed to stay out of her touch. Vampire powers sometimes crossed over to the human servant. Ryan was able to hide his weapons on his person because of Cari’s magic.

Her smile grew to show perfectly white teeth underneath before she spoke. “Oh, are you afraid of me Paers Morte?”

I sighed. “Not afraid. Cautious.” I confirmed.

She stood and the click of her heels sounded through the hotel floor, “Come.”

I guess the vampires found me. Not exactly what I wanted, but it was an introduction I needed.

I followed the brunette out of the hotel lobby and down the street before I caught up to her at the intersection. “I’m not a blind follower. Where are you taking me?” I asked.

She smirked in that bright red lipstick. “To my master of course. He cannot walk the daylight, but he is awake and wishes to meet Scarlet Snow’s errand boy.”

“I’m not her errand boy. I am working for her.” I grinned, “I happen to agree with her stance, but I’m open minded.”

Roseya chuckled as we crossed the street. “So we’ve seen. Your choice of bed partners – James Hutton. You know he’s a con man?”

I took a deep breath. “I do.” I did, but to know that someone else knew had me twinging a little inside. Alex had almost admitted it to me the night he confessed his need to stop lying. But the memories I was uncovering, Alex and I talked a lot about what he did with his mom. He told me because I’d never remember. I wouldn’t know what he said the next time. I was safe. I hadn’t told Alex yet that I knew what he did. I didn’t care what he did. I wasn’t going to out him to the Venatori or the cops. But I knew this would be like a betrayal. I didn’t want to lose him again. I couldn’t. I couldn’t lose Alex again.

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