Four instead of Five?

Aj’s working on Darwynn’s law… It’s not really feeling much like a book. More like filler. Like things that could be included in The Last Phoenix and The Children of Morpheus (The Nightmare’s Children).

Course there are some key things happening. Like meeting Darwynn, getting Matt and Fae, and getting back with Alex. But there is very little plot to the story.

Maybe a it’ll fit together when it’s all said and done and on rewrite schedule. But it’s not feeling like a book. AJ’s not sure about it.

So I tell you now that Ascendant might be four books instead of five. DL can be incorporated into all the other books just as easily which also include getting Matt and Fae in other books.

As I write this AJ is pondering, the Children of Morpheus being book 2 right now, and Matt getting involved in that, and Fae in the first vestige with the rest of the stuff in Vegas coming to light in that book.

I see a new outline coming along soon. But AJ says she’ll finish up DL so at least you aren’t left hanging even if it’s ripped from the timeline. Like that hasn’t happened before.

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