My thoughts drifted to Alex the whole flight. I was hard and wanton by the time we landed and the woman next to me hurried off the plane as quickly as she could. As much as I wanted off the plane, I decided to wait until everyone cleared out. It was better for me. Even though the plane was getting claustrophobic and I was having a hard time breathing.

One of the male attendants was making sure no one left anything on the plane or sleeping still in their seats when I stood up to get out of the plane. He looked down at me and chuckled, “I was wondering why she glared at you so.”

“Dreams.” I smirked, “What can I say they were sexy.”

“I hope he’s worth it.” He said with a smile, “If not I’ll be in town until the morning.”

I looked at his nameplate, “Alejandro.” I smiled, “Thanks, but I think if he throws me out I’ll be leaving tonight.”

Alejandro laughed, “Offer still stands.” He gave me the once over and I gave him a parting smile as I headed out the door. I could feel the other man’s eyes on my back and knew I could hear him whispering to the other flight attendant, “My he’s yummy.”

They giggled and I pretended I hadn’t heard them as I headed out of the terminal. The heat was dry and I felt warm in my hoodie, but I didn’t take it off even after I’d stepped outside into the evening sun. It was a five hour flight, but my phone told me it was only three hours later. Time zones… I sighed as I texted Sage.

N: I’ve landed. Hotel and room?

Sage texted me back immediately with the Bellagio hotel and a room number. He also texted me a name it was under – James Hutton.

I wondered how many alias’ Alex had. And I wondered what sort of business he actually did. Not that it mattered really, but aliases implied illegal activity. Last thing Alex needed was me meddling in some plot of his. I didn’t believe Janice was a friend. And I didn’t think Alex floated in her circles, but I could be wrong. So totally and utterly wrong, but I knew Alex. Even when I didn’t know know him, I knew him. I’d been in love with a dream since I was 13. He was the one who gave me the courage to kiss Dylan. He was the one, he’d always been that. But he’d been a dream. And one I didn’t remember.

A cab to the hotel was easy to come by. I felt out of place in this City, though I looked no different than any of the others, but it was still that strange feeling like I didn’t belong.

I could wait in the lobby for Alex. I could ask at the front desk. I could go up and wait outside his room. But instead I went into the bar. It was busy for the time of day. But this was Vegas and there were a lot of vacationers here too, a lot like New York. Two men were at the bar, both about six foot, one had the tips of his hair dyed blond and the other was a bleach blonde. I sat down three seats from them and tried not to listen to their conversation.

“So what did you overhear Toto?” I recognized that voice and looked just in time to see the blonde’s hand raking down the cheek of the blonde tips. Obviously not his name, a nickname. Alex liked nicknames. Alex, the blond who’d spoken earlier looked at his watch and sighed, “I have to meet Abraham now. I’ll see you later.” He winked and headed for the door without even glancing in my direction.

I wondered if Alex heard my thoughts, fuck I wondered if he even noticed me at all sitting here staring at him and his fucking blonde hair. I watched him him leave dressed in a suit and tie that looked very expensive. I shouldn’t have come here.

“Sure you should have.” Tips said sitting down next to me. “He’s in denial, if he didn’t hear you it’s because he’s trying so hard to forget you.”

“What?” I said turning to look at him. Tips waved his hand and an Irish Red appeared in front of me from the bartenders hands.

“Your drink of choice?”

I took it and nodded. He was reading my mind that was painfully obvious.

“You are a smart man as well as hot, no wonder he’s trying to forget you.” He laughed. “Too much work.”

I was about to ask who the fuck he was, but he spoke before I even got the first sound out. “I’m Benji. I’m sure Jimmy has never mentioned me before. Jimmy has an appointment why don’t I entertain you for a little while. Tell you all about Jimmy and me and what we got into.”

“I was just leaving.” I said.

“You came all this way and now you want to leave.”

“He obviously has moved on.” I said looking Benji up and down. He was perfectly dressed in his own tailored suit, his hair was perfect, he was a pretty boy. Alex didn’t need me. A hand on my elbow pulled me from my seat and I was following after Benji.

“Come on. Let me take you someplace we can talk.”

I stopped, dug in my heels and stopped our forward momentum and Benji yanked at my elbow until he realized I wasn’t moving. “I don’t know you.” I said angrily.

“I know you, Nox fucking Sétanta aught to be your full name.”

I smirked as I heard Alex saying that to Benji. Benji chuckled, “Fuck he was right about you. Come on let me explain, just someplace else.”

I sighed and nodded. With my ascent Benji dragged me out of the hotel and we walked.





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  1. ambroseandelsie Avatar

    “Nox fucking Sétanta aught to be your full name.” :lol:

    I think if he went back home without seeing/confronting Alex, everyone from Laker to Sage and probably even Ant would have smacked the back of Nox’s head. lol

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    1. Nox Avatar

      You are probably right. And they would all probably drag is together to figure it out

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      1. ambroseandelsie Avatar

        Hahaha! So true! :lol: They’d probably have to lock you two in the room so neither of you could storm out.

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      2. Nox Avatar

        Yeah that is always something to hold for the future

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