Happy Holidays

You got your daily dose of Darwynn’s Law this morning. Everything is schedule up through the new year so I won’t miss a day cause AJ is working on the new house.

BUT, I’m in a giving mood.

If you’ve read Once Upon a Dream. You probably already know that Angel and Zane were originally written as me and Alex. AJ did a quick name replacement so there was no confusion.

So what I’m about to share is Angel and Zane’s first Christmas together as originally written – no name changes.

It’s gonna be longer than a usual post and hopefully you can figure out the PoV without me telling you. If not let me know and I’ll add it in for future issues.

Christmas was always a family thing for us. I always had my family around me, my fathers and if we were lucky we’d have foreign guests. But this Christmas was different I had Alex with me and there were now two families to spend the holidays with. My parents were more than happy to have breakfast on Christmas Eve, letting us go to Alex’s grandmother’s for dinner, and let us spend our first Christmas alone in our home.

Not only was it our first Christmas together it was our first holiday season as a married couple, though no one really knew that yet. We were planning an April wedding for everyone else to attend, they only thought we were engaged.

Alex was half asleep when we walked into my parents apartment. We were extremely early but my dad sitting on the bar stool drinking a cup of coffee. Alex flopped down on the couch and fell over. “I’m going to take a nap. Your son woke me up too early.” He kicked his shoes off and curled up on my parents leather couch. I threw the throw blanket over him and kissed his forehead before making my way into the kitchen.

My dad was chuckling as I kissed him on the cheek too. “Morning Babbo. He’s being dramatic.”

“I do hope you woke him up properly.”

I grinned at my father. “I did. He wasn’t complaining then.”

“I can hear you you know.” Alex called from the couch groggily.

“I know.” I said.

My dad laughed. “If your father heard us…”

I grinned. “He’d have turned tail and run.”

“Your father is not a prude as much as he’d you to think he is.”

“Babbo, as much as I’m comfortable talking about sex with you, I do not like to think about you and Dad having sex. Or what Dad really likes to do. I’ve had enough listening to you over the years to know you guys have a healthy sex life.”

My father was standing in the door to the hall way looking back at me. “As if you and Alex don’t.”

I grinned. “We do that’s what we were talking about.”

My father covered his ears and then hummed as he walked into the kitchen to pour himself a cup of coffee. He called out from behind the island where I was prepping food. “Alex would you like a cup of coffee?”

He groaned. I chuckled. “He’ll take a nap for a few minutes and then he’d love coffee.”

I watched as my father carried two cups of coffee with cream and sugar out to the living room in his silk robe and pjs wearing a pair or fuzzy bunny slippers and a Santa hat on his head. He sat down in his arm chair since Alex was in his usual spot and pulled the paper to him and started his morning tradition.

Alex sat up and took the mug of coffee from the coffee table. “I’m up. At the god crack of dawn. How the fuck did you two live with him for so long?” Alex joked.

Dad laughed. “After he learned to cook we didn’t have to worry about it any more. He no longer woke us up with his needs. He just made breakfast, pulled out his latest book or started drawing in his notebook before we got up. He was more difficult when he could make bacon and coffee and then we were up long before we were used to. Well before I was. Marco is an early bird too.”

My father and Alex chatted over the paper. Alex actually reading some of the pages – mostly the business section. My father read the whole thing, one of those things his father did and his father and so on. I broke that tradition.

Me and Babbo made breakfast. It wasn’t as large as Christmas could be, but eggs, and bacon and Christmas pancakes which my dad thought was amusing that I was willingly making carbs for breakfast. They were red or green and had sprinkles. I also made my spinach and sun dried tomato fritatta with a white cheddar sauce. Baboo was making something too but he wasn’t telling me. He said it was for their dinner which I wasn’t coming to so he wasn’t sharing. I stuck my tongue out at him and he repeated the gesture back.

Alex asked, “They do that often?”

Dad looked up from his paper and looked over at us. “The childish behavior?”

Alex nodded, “Sticking their tongues out, and yeah general childish behavior?”

“Yes. Nox was a troubled child, and sometimes being childish with him was the only way to connect. Marco was always so much more at ease getting that low.”

“You did fine Dad.”

“You connected with Marco.”

I laughed. “Dad, who did I go to when the boys at school called me names? Who taught me how to fight?”

“Stanley taught you to fight.”

“But you took me to Stan.” I said.

He sighed. “I was only watching out for your. Years of boys being bigger than you and you were already showing signs.”

I laughed. “It wasn’t your fault you know.”

Dad nodded and went back to his paper. “I know. I’m just glad you are happy.”

“Very.” I said as I set the last dish on the table. “Breakfast is on.” I poured everyone a mimosa and we ate Christmas Eve breakfast with my parents, just the four of us.

After which we exchanged presents. Dad and Babbo got Alex a signed jersey from the goalie of the Rangers. Dad raved about meeting him and that he saw the man sign it. He hadn’t worn the jersey the’d bought it online from the NHL official website. It was framed and set in glass.

My parents got me a custom knife set with the logo of my new restaurant etched into the base of the knife. Babbo said he had something else and when he returned from the room with a white apron and the same logo he flung it over my head. “I debated whether or not to let you use it for breakfast.”

Alex laughed, “He probably won’t use it at all it’s white.”

My dad nodded. “I have several more for you two, but I will give them to you for your opening. They match your decor. This one is for when you are on display. When they ask for the chef, or you are out cooking in public arenas.”

We spent the morning and into the afternoon at my parents house before we went back to our place so Alex could take a shower. I had woken him up early and he refused to get up until we had to be out the door.

I got home from Nox’s parent’s apartment with our loot. His parents were more than impressed with the Spa package we’d gotten for them. Nox said his father needed the break from everyday work and his dad would love pampering his father. And even though Dorian’s look was more like you can’t afford this I easily countered him and told him we’d done the same for my parents. And we had, it was a good idea and my parents needed to get out too and get some down time. They could take it whenever they wanted.

My new jersey went into the studio where I’d hang it up on the wall at some point, right now it just rested against the wall. Nox’s went into the kitchen for now, but I’d make sure they made it to his restaurante.

I needed a shower. I felt the dirt from the shift before still on my skin. I was dead tired when I got home. I’d worked the bar, and security not at the same time but it was a long night. And it was my fault I’d opted to stay in bed. Nox prompted me three or four times to get up and moving. I ignored him until he was pulling me out of bed to get dressed. But my pretty boy knew exactly how to get me up and he didn’t hesitate to drop to his knees to make it happen either. It was a good wake up, even if we did have to rush to his parents house afterwards.

I’d have liked to shower with him, but he was already busy in the kitchen preparing an unneeded dish for my family dinner. He’d met my Granny alone, and he’d told her all about his curried pumpkin apple soup he had been working on in the fall. Nox being the charming boyfriend that he is made a batch for my grandmother, and took it to her by himself. They chatted for well over three hours. Needless to say, my grandmother loves my boyfriend. She’s even willing to overlook the fact that he’s my boyfriend. Something I wasn’t entirely sure would happen at all. She was as traditional as my parents had raised me. But Nox was Nox and he either charmed you or made you hate him.

Sometimes I wished more people hated him. I was the jealous boyfriend but I was ecstatic my Granny liked him. But would the rest of the family – that was the question. Every lawyer in the room was going to have something to say.

My shower was lonely save for the surprise my lover left me in the shower. There were two reasons I went to a salon verses a barber to get my hair cut. The first being I loved to get my hair washed before they cut it, and the second was I loved their shampoo. I could buy it but I never really did, it was too expensive just to waste away down the drain. But my boyfriend the thoughtful and loving creature bought me a bottle.

I didn’t deserve him. And if he heard me say it he’d laugh and say the same thing in return. Neither of us quite believing we had each other. Not sure how he put up with me. But he did. And he was mine forever.

I came out of our shared bedroom dressed in a pair of jeans and a sweater over top a button down shirt. I’d be shedding down to the button down more than likely but it was sweater weather and if it didn’t get any colder I’d be good without a jacket to keep up with. Nox on the other hand, he’d probably wear three or four layers just so no one would touch his back. He went in just a t-shirt at his parents house, and mine too which had surprised me when he had shucked his leather when we’d arrived there on Thanksgiving. Nox had cooked our entire meal. His parents came over too and Marco and Nox entertained us with dish after dish. I don’t think I’d eaten so much on Thanksgiving before and didn’t have turkey and stuffing at all.

The apartment smelled like fall – the pumpkin and apple soup was off the charts. And I don’t like pumpkin.

“I’m ready when you are.” I said as I took the glass of wine Nox offered me. Socially Nox was a beer guy. But at home with food he had wine. There was wine with every meal except breakfast and if he was trying to impress there was mimosas. Though he was also found of a hot white russian and irish coffee. He didn’t do a lot of hard liquor himself but my bar in the house was fully stocked at all times. A proper host. Nox ran a better inventory of the house bar than I did at work. And I was meticulous.

Nox handed me a small bowl of hot soup and I scarfed it down. It would be another few hours before we at at Granny’s. We had to be there before hand for socialization and stuff. And Nox would probably spend 99% of that time in the kitchen. His favorite place to be.

He watched me eat. I raised an eyebrow and he he grinned at me. “I take it you like it.”

“Have I ever not liked something you’ve made me?”

“There was that one time…”

Nox started to tell the story about the single time I’d spit out food. But it wasn’t that it wasn’t because I didn’t like it. I was allergic to honey. Bee’s in general but honey was one of those things that sent me to the hospital. There is no longer any honey in any recipe he ever plans on making. He used it in general instead of sugar, except when making my pancakes so it had never come up before.

I kissed him to shut him up and he gladly let me kiss those lips of his. He tasted like strawberries which meant he was applying generous amounts of lip balm. One of those quirks I was coming to know very well. But he always tasted good not that before he didn’t mind you. Just now more fruity. Which my thought make me smirk and he asked, “Are you laughing at me?”

I shook my head. “No. I just said you were fruity.” I licked his lips to exaggerate the point, “Strawberry.”

He laughed and stuck his tongue out at me before dislodging himself from my arms to pack up his things. “I need to get dressed.”

“I could help you with that.”

Nox chuckled. “Lover, you won’t help me put clothes on, you’ll want to take everything off, and we have to go socialize. So I’ll let you help after we get this family thing done.” He walked backwards into the bedroom closed the door with a soft snick and turned the latch. He was locking me out of the bedroom. Now I really wanted in. I could go get the key or use a knife or something to pry the door open. But I sighed and tapped my foot impatiently.

He was taking too long…

Cooking for Alex’s family calmed my anxiety. I wasn’t nervous to meet them. It was the first large family gathering I’d ever been to. His Granny loved me I wasn’t worried about anyone else. His parents liked me well enough and Alex was the only one who mattered. He’d married me. Funny thing though, Mrs. Kennedy, figured out within an hour of my visit with her that Alex and I had gotten married. I hadn’t been wearing my ring in the open, it was discretely tucked into my shirt with a long chain so it didn’t accidentally fall out. Alex kept his on his key chain. I didn’t slip or even hint at it. I was pretty sure I hadn’t even given it away without knowing. She told me. “I’m so glad the two of you decided to give us a big wedding too.”

I blinked my surprise at her. And she laughed. “I’m not so old I can’t figure things out my favorite grandson got hitched to his boyfriend.”

I shrugged but didn’t confirm nor deny it. “It’s not anything you or Alex did. Alex got a new tattoo, you have his name inked on your skin. You’re wearing a chain and keep fiddling with it like you haven’t been wearing it long.” She laughed. “And you have this glow about you, and when Alex is around there is this look the two of you share.”

So that was a grand total of three other people who knew Alex and I had gotten married. The rest of the world didn’t know. Max and Ant hadn’t spoken to anyone about it. Not even Drew or Mandy. I gave them some credit for it too. It was a hard secret to keep.

I hadn’t told Alex she knew yet. I should probably tell him I thought as I got dressed in our room. I had locked the door because I was wearing Christmas boxers for Alex to unwrap later. I changed my shirt and wore one of Alex’s t-shirts from his drawer. I wore my black button down with black jeans and I threw on a Christmas tie – it had Rudolf and his nose flashed. I didn’t choke myself with it I wore it loose around my neck and the top few buttons were undone with the t-shirt collar showing underneath giving me a hit of red underneath.

My hands were sweaty and I was anxious. This was going to be a rough experience. I unlocked the door and pulled the door open a crack to let Alex in if he wanted to enter. Then I went to the bathroom to put on some Christmas cheer. The eyeliner I’d chosen was tinted green to go with the Christmas dyed tips I’d done earlier. If I were going out to a club on Christmas Eve then I might throw in some glitter, but I didn’t want to shed glitter all over my clothes and Alex and Granny’s house so I didn’t. Glitter was as bad as sand.

Alex came into the bathroom and leaned against the doorframe. “I take it you are done hiding whatever it is you are hiding?”

I grinned at him. “You can find what I’m hiding after we get back.”

That only made my rockstar more than happy to trap me against the sink, his front pressing into my back and he bit my neck. I groaned at the pain and tilted my head so he could get better access. When I did, Alex sucked softly then licked the mark he’d left before he pressed his lips to it and soothed it further. His mark was more for my benefit than to show his possession of me. He kissed his favorite spot on my neck which now bore his name and pulled away. I was decidedly colder now that he was gone but it was probably for the best. “You going to your leather jacket?”

“Do I need it?” I asked.

“It’s not that cold.” Alex said shaking his head with a concerned look.

“I’ll be alright.” I said as I walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen to grab the soup.

Alex was strolling from our closet and put his leather jacket on over my shoulders and took the soup. “Wear mine then.”

I smiled at him. “I don’t think anyone will set me off.”

Alex nodded. “Zack might, or Sara might hug you. Little bit might do it without thinking. And no telling what the Aunts and Uncles will do.”

I nodded. “Okay.” I pulled his coat over my arms and pulled the collar up to my nose and got the perfect combination of Alex and leather smell. I did love his leather jacket.

Alex laughed, “I’d almost think you liked my jacket better than me.”

I shook my head. “Never lover. Without you this jacket would just be like any other.” Normally we’d walk, but Alex’s Granny lived in Queens, so we took one of the family Town Cars – drivers and everything all part of the Kennedy name. I found it a little odd, but hey neither of us had to drive so that was good. I had no problem taking the train but that far Alex didn’t really want to. So we rode in comfort.

The car had smelled too good the whole way to Granny’s house. I was grateful Nox had given me a bowl to eat before we left. I wondered if that had been his plan, or if he was just letting me be his guinea pig. I didn’t care either way I had food and my stomach wasn’t rumbling.

We pulled up to Granny’s house in Queens and Nox waited for me on the curb. And then he followed me as I opened the gate and the building door before we went inside to the lobby to Gran’s building. It was a duplex and the lobby was just a narrow walkway with doors and a mailboxes inside.

I knocked on the door and Nox waited behind me. I glanced at him and he was chewing his bottom lip. It was a nervous habit, or when he was being shy or coy. I knew this was a big deal for him. But he had nothing to worry about. Gran already loved him. I wrapped my arm around Nox’s waist and we waited by the door.

Zack answered with a grin. “Alex! So nice of you to come.” He looked over at Nox and held out his hand to him. When Nox didn’t immediately take it Zack looked down at the pot of soup he was carrying with both hands. “Oh, shit. Sorry. Let me take that.”

Nox stammered, “It’s..” Zack grabbed the pot from the bottom and yelped. “It’s hot.” Nox said with a grin. “I got it.”

“Zack, Nox. Nox my cousin Zack.”

Nox grinned at Zack, “A pleasure.”

Zack let us in and Sara and her kid were sitting on the couch sawing some heavy logs. “Rough night here?” I asked.

Zack laughed. “They went sledding.”

Nox hadn’t lingered with me in the living room while Zack explained he was in the kitchen. Zack leaned in, “He’s cute. Think he over did the make up though.”

I laughed. “You really haven’t seen him try. That’s a little more subtle than usual. Just greener.”

“The hair?”

“Always colored. He’s been sporting Christmas colors for about two weeks. I expect we’ll see something else after Christmas.”

“Doesn’t bother you?”

I leaned against the back of the couch. “Not even once. He isn’t shy about who he is.”

“And who is he?” Sara asked from her slumbering position below us.

I looked down over the front of the couch and she grinned up at me as she sat up and turned around on the couch to listen to our conversation. I sighed. “He’s mine.” I said simply with a smirk.

“Oh come on Alex.” Sara goaded me.

“He’s going to be the next three star chef in New York City.”

“That doesn’t answer the question.” Zack laughed.

“It does.” I said, “Just wait till you taste his food.”

“Zack is right, though Alex, he’s cute.”

I smirked at my cousin. “I know. I licked it, it’s mine.” I said as I walked into the kitchen and wrapped my arms around my second favorite person in the world. “Hey Gran. How you doing?”

“I’m doing better now that your man is here to help. Though I have a mind just to leave it all to him.” Nox’s eyes light up at the thought of cooking for my family.

I laughed. “He would you know.”

Gran looked at Nox and he smiled. “I can handle the rest. You’ve got everything started and I can wrap it all up. Go be with your family for a change instead of slaving over the hot stove. I got this.”

Gran looked at me, then back at Nox. “Are you both sure?”

“Gran. Nox loves a kitchen, any kitchen he’ll be happier on that side of your island than this side.”

I nodded to Nox with a smile and I ushered Gran out into the living room and to her favorite chair. “Rest your feet Gran. Let us do the cooking.”

“Us?” She said.

I laughed. “When I say us, I mean Nox and I’ll sit by sipping wine and watching him cook.”

She grinned at me. “I think I’d like to watch myself.” She winked at me and stood back up. “Zack be a good boy and fetch me my slippers.” And I watched as my Gran went back in the kitchen, heard the scrapping of the bar stool and she sat down. I heard a pop of wine and I knew Nox was pouring a glass of white wine for my Gran. I followed her in to see her sipping at the wine I did’t even know she had.

“Gran you don’t keep wine in the house.”

She laughed. “Nox sent over a few bottles this morning with explicit instructions on their use.”

I looked at Nox. “My Christmas present to your family. I had Cino drop off a case on his way home yesterday.”

“Cino lives in Queens?” I hadn’t known that.

Nox nodded. “He did. His mother lives out here and he was coming home for the holidays, he did me a quick favor.”

“What did you make him in return?” I asked.

He smiled brightly at me as he stirred a pot of whatever was smelling up Gran’s kitchen. “I made the desert crepes you love so much, he said he was competent enough to put it all together on Christmas eve.”

Gran asked, “What desert crepes?”

Nox went into explaining my favorite new recipe. They were inspired by my favorite breakfast – pancakes and ice-cream. Except Nox used crepes, and rolled the crepe around a roll of ice-cream that was home-made – usually some berry type. And he drizzled it with a berry syrup and topped it with a little fresh whipped cream. I could eat it forever.

I sat down next to her and we watched my fiancee do his thing.

The kitchen smelled awesome when Gran cooked and with Nox in it it still smelled like Christmas to me, but I watched as he embellished on her dishes. Gran started to say something when he pulled a spice down from her cabinet and added it to the pot. He stirred and let it simmer a little while before he pulled a handful of clean spoons out of the drawer and scooped some out on one and handed it Gran. That was it. She smiled at him with a huge nod. “Perfect.” She said. I hadn’t asked but Nox had one ready for me by the time I went to ask where mine was.

Gran’s gravy was great, but there was something better about it. More earthly. Nox explained, “A little sage.”

My Aunt and Uncle showed up and soon the house was full. And Everyone was hanging out in the kitchen. No one hung out in the kitchen when Gran cooked, everyone sat in front of the television and watched what ever Christmas movie Hallmark was playing at that time. But I watched as Nox charmed my Aunt. He spun her around the kitchen before he deposited her back with her second husband. Everyone was sipping a glass of white wine. Nox had even gotten all the little kids their own wine glasses made of plastic and gave them white grape juice which he’d poured from a green glass bottle to make them all feel a little more grown up. Gran leaned over and whispered in my ear, “He’s the life of the party. it’s a good thing you put a ring on that finger or I might have to snap him up.”

I laughed. “He’s just doing what he does best.” I didn’t mentioned he’d crash the moment we got home. But this was just as much a stress reliever as it was a stress inducer. The kitchen was his happy place. And I was getting fatter just thinking about all the stress cooking he was going to do at home tomorrow.

Dinner came and went. The conversation was lively and Nox fit in with my family. They joked, he laughed but now that the cooking was over you could see the way he fell into me. At least I could. Cute and cuddly wasn’t me. But with Nox it was easy. No one said anything. There were “Alex you should have brought him around sooner,” comments in private. I was happy my family loved him. I was a little jealous watching them fawn over him. I was the black sheep. And bringing home a boy was never something I thought I’d do. And here I was spending Christmas with Nox and it was perfectly normal. If you’d told me last Christmas that the boy who I wanted to sleep with was going to meet my extended family I’d have laughed in your face. The reality of it all being I was married to that boy who a year ago I was fighting with.

I wasn’t completely wrecked by the time Alex got us in our own home. We’d stayed later than everyone else opting to help Gran out with everything before we left. The kids all came away with a nice haul, the rest of us had gift cards. I was mildly surprised to have one myself.

But after we got Gran’s house cleaned up we went home. I napped in the car, curled up in Alex’s leather jacket and against him in his arms. He chatted with the driver most of the way. Though I think my wandering hand might have distracted him a little when a bounce woke me up half way home.

We didn’t make it much past the elevator before Alex pressed me against the wall inside one of the eleveators. It distracted me enough that I wasn’t in any panicked mode when we reached our floor. His hands had pulled my t-shirt from my jeans and his hands were caressing the scars on my back comforting and sensitising my skin with each touch.

We didn’t kiss until we were in our apartment. The world was nothing but us when we shut the door. Clothes shed as we walked without breaking contact. It wasn’t rushed. “You might want to turn on some lights.” I whispered between kisses.

Which made Alex pull back. “I don’t need lights.”

I chuckled softly, “Well if the lights are off you’ll miss part of your present.”

Alex flipped on the bedroom light as we walked in and looked at me in my disheveled state. His leather jacket was left on the floor between the front door and our room along with his sweater and my button down and t-shirt. Though the tie still hung blinking around my neck. “I have a present?”

I winked, “You have to find it.” There was two or three depending on how you looked at it but I didn’t tell Alex that. I sighed. “And it’s not something you can have in the traditional sense.”

Alex chuckled. He turned me around and I could tell he was looking at the tattoos. his fingers traced his favorites, and then he found the new one. “I thought we weren’t telling anyone.”

“We aren’t. And I didn’t. Ant did it. It might be a little rough he’s not worked there in years.”

Alex pulled me close and pressed his body to mine. “It’s perfect. He did a good job, the car is stunning. But someone is going to see it.”

I turned around in his embrace, “Who’s going to be looking at my back other than you?”

“I don’t know maybe your boyfriends?”

I laughed. “I didn’t know I had more than you.” I pulled away from him and looked under the bed, “Where they hiding?” I grinned up at Alex who was rolling his eyes.

“Is that all?” he asked.

I shook my head. “No. You still have to unwrap the rest of your gift.”

“You giving me yourself?”

I shrugged. “Maybe.”

Alex didn’t hesitate and tugged my jeans off without undoing the button. It was a little rough but was worth it when he stopped and stared at the Christmas boxers and I was still wearing the Rudolf tie. It’s little red nose still blinking over the rooftop covered in snow boxers I’d put on.

Alex grabbed the tie and pulled me to him and pressed a hard long kiss to my lips. It was hot and wet and my hands were over his body, finishing the job that was mostly done on the walk to the bedroom. He was naked on top of me in my Christmas attire and I could feel his arousal between us.

“So this is all mine?”

“Always.” I said my voice low with desire.

Alex pulled the tie over my head and pressed my hands above my head and kissed more as he held me prone. After he pulled away breathless he slipped the tie over my wrists and pulled it tight. He didn’t need to say anything as he smirked down at me.

His lips found mine and then he moved down my ear and pulled the lobe in and bit softly. I bit my bottom lip to keep from making a sound. Alex whispered, “I want to hear you.” His voice hoarse with lust as he licked and nipped at my jawline to my neck and his name inked on my skin. He no longer left a hickey there, but he loved to bit and nip at it before leaving marks elsewhere on my neck. I was his – forever and always just like the tattoo across my heart said.

Alex slipped down, his tongue traveling the lines of my stomach to my belly button and he swirled his tongue around making me squirm and moan. I wanted his hot tongue all over me. His fingers found their way into my waste band and Alex tugged them off and tossed them to the side. “Happy to see me pretty boy?” He said as he licked the length of my cock.

“You have no idea.”

He chuckled. “I think I have some idea.” He took my dick in his mouth and sucked hard and sloppily. His mouth was hot and wet. I bucked into his mouth and he groaned around me sending shivers all through my body.

Alex placed his hands on my hips and pressed me into the mattress, “Don’t move, baby.” He said and I lost what little control I had the moment he pushed his lips over my cock. But Alex didn’t stop as I came in his mouth, he sucked and slide along me taking every last pleasure from me. I was still shaking from the pleasure when Alex came off with a soft pop kissing his way up to my lips and placing his hands at my shoulders on the bed. His hair fell in his face and I wanted to push it aside so I could see those beautiful blue eyes but I couldn’t. He pushed inside of me as I came down and I groaned. My entire body was over sensitized. I writhed under him. I’d been undone before, now I was gone.

My rockstar moved slowly inside of me. His lips tender on mine and my cock pressed between our bodies. Alex rolled his hips and I saw stars and bit back the moan of pleasure as he bit my neck. I wanted to touch him, I needed to. I whimpered but Alex pressed down on me. He moved inside of me, kissed me hard. “Ah fuck!” I groaned as he hit my prostate again.

“Was that a wish?” Alex whispered in my ear as he thrust harder and faster slamming into the same spot again and a again until I was near my climax again.

The once precise movements were now erratic as Alex neared his own climax. He pressed inside of me once, twice and on the third thrust he was lost. His eyes closed and he pressed harder inside of me and his groan sent me over the edge and I splurt between us.

We were spent. Alex collapsed on top of me and we didn’t move for several minutes. Clean up was necessary. Neither of us enjoyed peeling ourselves apart – particularly when one or both of us planned for another round later. Though I wasn’t sure I could handle another round so soon.

It was too late to shower, but that was likely a morning adventure anyway. Alex and I crawled back into bed. Tomorrow was Christmas morning and our first one together.

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