Alone Time

I half expected Mia to be the one to walk into my room, but it was Alex. He was frowning, “Sorry Pretty boy.”

I flopped on the bed and pulled the mask over my face so he couldn’t see my expression or the tears of my fucking break down in front of everyone.

Alex sat down next to me and then laid down next to me, the warmth of his side pressed against mine. It wasn’t long before I was resting my head on his shoulder and laying on my side pressed against him. “Today was too much for you wasn’t it.”

“I’m sorry.” I said simply. I hadn’t meant to have a break down on his birthday.

Alex continued as if I hadn’t apologized. “I shouldn’t have let you come home alone.”

“I’m fine Alex.”

He laughed tugging the mask over my head, “This is fine.” He said wiping the tears from under my eyes.

“I’m better now. I just need you.”

Alex smiled and tilted my head so he could kiss me tenderly. “Which is why I shouldn’t have let you go home alone.”

“It’s not your fault Alex. I planned the day.”

“You did, but you didn’t expect the emotional impact of our day together, or the assumption that you are a fucking scary person.” Alex smirked, “I know it’s hard to believe when you feel this overwhelmed so much of the time Nox. But that’s why when you get pissed off, it’s so scary. I never want to see it aimed at me. Never.”

“I could never be angry at you and not still love you.”

Alex laughed, “Pretty boy, your anger at me and your family leads you to tears. Anyone else best beware though because I’ve seen the fury of Preator Mors.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m still sorry. I hate this.” I said rolling back up to sit. Alex followed me.

“I know.” Alex pulled me up towards the headboard and pulled me against him so we were laying properly on our bed. I curled against him and just took in everything. I loved him. He loved me. My family and friends were out there having a good time and we were collapsed in the bed. I was so broken.

“Shhhh.” Alex said. “Stop thinking like that.” His fingers ran through my hair. “Everyone out there understands.”

“Do they really?” I asked.

“Of course they do, Nox. Except maybe dickhead.”

I snorted at Alex’s nickname for Jace. He really didn’t like him, and I really didn’t blame him. He caused us a great deal of heart ache. “I’m sorry I’m…” Alex didn’t let me finish as he pulled my hair back so that I groaned as he planted a kiss on my lips hard and thorough. My body ached for him. Alex could easily turn my moods. He knew what triggered me in every sense of all words. He could send me spiralling with a simple phrase or have me rock hard in an instant.

He was a master manipulator, but I didn’t mind it most of the time. And I was grateful for the distraction. I pulled my shields tightly around us. It had been a trial to learn not to shut Alex out while still shutting out the world so it was just him who could hear my internal litany of arousal and curses as Alex teased me.

It wasn’t long before Alex was pausing in his distraction to run his fingers over the fully healed tattoo I’d gotten yesterday. In my lust covered eyes I had forgotten that it wasn’t supposed to happen now.

Alex pressed a kiss to the never dying mark on my skin now. It was a rainbow colored tongue with the same treatment to a dripping script that says mine. Alex laughed, “Is that supposed to be me?”

I chuckled, “No, symbolic of you licking me.”

He leaned on an elbow looking down at me from above out lust filled moment gone again as Alex asked, “Who got to see it?” He was jealous. I knew he would be.

I bit my bottom lip, “Just Ash. She’s done all my tattoos.”

Alex reached up and ran his fingers down my right temple, “Even this one.”

I nodded. “Yes. I figured she was safest. She isn’t interested in me, and I’m not interested in her.”

“This is the she-man who recently made it official?” Alex asked cautiously.

I nodded. “Yes. She is a she officially now.”

There was a visible relaxing of Alex’s muscles as he pressed a kiss to my lips. “I can live with that. No one else has seen it?”

I shook my head, “Just you. No one will see it unless they walk in on me naked.”

Alex grinned, “And I don’t plan on that ever happening.”

“Me either. It’s all for you Alex. A mark that won’t fade or heal. I’m your’s always.”

Alex pressed a kiss to me hard and fast and the lust resumed until there was a knock at the door. A small voice came from the other side, “Uncle Nox, come play with us.”

Alex sighed, “All these women wanting my man, I fucking swear.” He groaned into my ear as he climbed over the top of me while I righted myself and he answered the door. “He’ll be right out, Naya.” He lifted her up and carried her back through the room. Alex might not like her dad but everyone loved Naya.

I took a deep breath and I joined the birthday party/Halloween party we were throwing in my apartment. A first for many of us.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.