Seeing Triple

I heard the door open while I sat there with Fae. I sighed, “We should join the others, sounds like the party is starting.” Fae groaned and I wanted to echo his sentiment. I’d have preferred to spend the day alone with Alex, but the boys wanted the party and there was no reason not to have it.

I heard Alex talking to Matt and Laker in the living room. Rather I heard Laker say, “He’s going to hate it.”

“I’m going to hate what?” I asked as I walked out of the boys room. Alex didn’t look like he was in costume at all.

He turned around and blinked and then frowned. But it was gone as quickly as it had shown up, “I need a favor.” He said to me. His bright blue eyes lined in thick eye liner, he wore a make up drawn beard and his hair was damp but pushed back like I kept mine.

I arched an eyebrow waiting for his request which soon followed, “Can you change the tips of my hair blue?”

“I’m the scariest thing you can think of?” I asked bluntly as I ran my fingers through his hair and changed the tips to a bright blue. I wasn’t sure I liked the fact that my boyfriend thought I was scary.

Alex frowned, “Pretty boy…” But he didn’t say I was foolish, he knew I had a right to feel what I felt. And so did he.

“Nox, you know fucking well you are scary as shit. Il Cane is afraid of you, most people in this city fear you.”

I shrugged, “But I shouldn’t scare you.” I said stepping away and turning to walk to the kitchen to at least hide some of what I was feeling in that moment.

Alex let me, but he followed behind me closely. Rider quickly vacated the small room off the living room he’d been cooking in. I took up position stirring whatever he had on the burner.

“Nox.” Alex said as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pressed his cheek against the back of my shoulder. “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

I shrugged and kept stirring. We stayed like that for several more minutes before I found my voice. “Are you borrowing my clothes?” I asked.

I felt Alex smirk against my shoulder. “Yes. Well all but the jeans. I can’t wear yours. Fucking skinny body.” He chuckled as he said it.

“I’m not mad, Alex.” I said plainly.

He sighed behind me, “I know. I can hear the thoughts tumbling in your head. But I need you to know I’m not afraid of you. Coming as a snake or a bee didn’t seem appropriate.”

I rolled my eyes and moved away from the stove and pulled the mask over my head, “Matt’s a mouse, you’d have been cutesy with him.” I said.

Which earned me a rolling pair of ice blue eyes. “You are scary, Nox. I never want to be on your bad side.”

“So you decided to dress like me? Make fun of me in that light?” I asked.

“I would never make fun of anything that bothered you. And I’m not.” His voice dropped, “Am I?”

I shook my head, “As long as you don’t start acting out my phobias or things like that I’m okay with you dressing like me.”

Alex grinned. “I’m sorry I chose my costume without your knowledge.” Alex pressed me up against the wall and kissed me.

I heard the door open and squealing kids, Mia and Jason were here. And from the sounds of it so was Sage. And from the other end of the house I heard Ant stepping into the room. “Everyone is getting here, you still have a present to unwrap later.” I whispered against Alex’s lips and pushed him away so I could step away but I grabbed his hand and dragged him after me.

As everyone gathered in my living room I saw a theme – I growled, “I am not that fucking scary.” And I was lost to the power of my own emotions. I tried not to storm out but I know I did. I left my friends and family staring after me.

Ant and Sage were looking at Alex and each other and wondering if maybe they should have talked first. Fucking friends I had…

I heard Alex say, “I’ll talk to him.” As I slammed the door shut.

4 thoughts on “Seeing Triple

  1. :lol: I never expected Alex to dress up as Nox. I love the fact that Laker knew that Nox was going to hate it and he was so right.

    Hmm. Should I feel bad for Nox or for Alex? I guess I kind of feel bad for both of them. Alex probably thought that Nox would be all “Wow! You decided to dress up as me? This is so awesome! You are so awesome! You look so awesome as me!” sad head shake

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    1. I don’t know if he expected that, but breaking down on his birthday wasn’t part of my plan.

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