Sparkling Vampires

Today’s word is Twilight! And while there are many things I could ramble about I wanted to relay my disgust at one of the worse vampire concepts in modern history – fucking sparkling vampires!

I’m all for thinking outside the box when it comes to answering the cliche’d questions like “Why don’t vampires like sunlight?” But because they have diamond skin and it sparkles in the daylight is the worst possible thing. I mean specially in the modern world with makeup being so easy. Even in victorian eras white powder was used in theater and things. So sparkling is the worst possible explanation…. so cover it the fuck up! Or tell them you are wearing some new make up. rolls eyes Really!

Let’s just go with the whole diamond skin thing. Let’s say that it’s a valid reason, their speed shouldn’t be faster, the idea of having a rock on your body all over your body should weigh you down a little more than humans.

AND yet another question how does your skin become diamond like since you still were once human? What magical reaction can you explain this phenomenon. Your skin becomes super pressed with all the carbon in our bodies? BUT if your skin becomes diamond in the transformation should the rest of the carbon in your body too? Thus the heavier you would be and the less likely you’d move quickly.

The whole thing is defies logic and the escapism isn’t very real. You lose your credibility.