My dilemia

This was the first real birthday that I had with Alex. His birthday had always been in the dream. I remembered some of them. The last one with my brothers was a good one, and several others I had remembered. All dressing up and playing a part. But this Halloween we had kids to take out and do the human thing, my brothers were excited. Drake was too, Matt and Faelen really didn’t have much of an idea of what was going on but they went with it. Matt wanted to have a part. The twins agreed with him. So Halloween was going to include a birthday cake for Alex.

But Alex hated his birthday. I was going to endeavor to change that. Because it was the best day in the world – the day he was born. I know I sound like a sap. But I can’t help it. Alex is everything to me. He’s home. I could be anywhere he is and I’d be happy. I’d sure as fuck freak out about the change and I know he’d get annoyed with me, but I would be happy he was there to talk me down. To hold me. To be Alex.

But there’s a problem. What do you get a guy who has everything he wants or just goes out and buys it. And the second problem? How do you keep it secret when he can read your mind.

Special is good and with the twins planning the Halloween party I can just throw in my extras all in the name of the party, no one has to know why – so a cake from Jay won’t look too out of the ordinary.

I racked my brain for quite a while trying to figure out what to do. And I finally came up with a few ideas. But I couldn’t decide.

The first one I spent three or four hours completely studying Serenity. And for those of you who don’t know – Serenity is the name Alex gave his car. She is a 2016 Black Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray fully equipped with leather seats. I’ve never ridden in her. Mostly because I’ve never gone anywhere that required Alex to drive.

She’s gorgeous as far as cars go. But I’m not a car guy. But the lines and and color were great to look at. I spent those hours sketching her in a notebook that I intended to give Alex. There were other things I’d sketched too – mostly dreams I’d been remembering. Images that repeated over and over in my head now that I remembered him for all my life. Memories I could replay like a video.

To make Alex’s birthday special I’m going to stretch it out. Tomorrow is day one of my plan. Nothing major, breakfast, a little present and we’ll go from there. It’s the first day of the celebration of our first real birthday spent together – the first real holiday too. It should be fun.

3 thoughts on “My dilemia

  1. “How do you keep it secret when he can read your mind.” That would be a problem.

    ” It should be fun.” Don’t worry. If Alex tries to ruin your fun, I have a whole supply of plastic ketchup and mustard bottles that I can throw at him. ;) Just so you know.

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    1. lol. That shouldn’t be necessary. I think he’ll like what I have planned.

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