Maybe I should get Alex a cactus for his birthday? He’s prickly like one. (He would like the one pictured) He likes Vegas. What better plant is there for a man who has everything (and would probably kill it?) I tease of course, I’m sure Alex could take care of plants – me on the other hand not so sure.

Dirt in my house? I dunno. Plants are good though, they provide oxygen and that’s good. They cleanse the air too. I didn’t kill Fee, so I guess I could probably take care of a plant. But plants are far easier to kill.

My dad actually gave me a plant for my house warming gift. Not only did he give me a plant, but one that was supposed to help with anxiety and other things. Which is why I know Margo gave it to me. I don’t think I’ve killed it yet. BUT, Laker and Rider are living with me, so that’s probably why.