Silly Game Shows

AJ is a big fan of the Food Network – probably why I’m such a great cook :) AJ dabbles with cooking. Enjoys it and all that but isn’t chef quality. But when the girls were little that’s all she watched – except for the silly game shows like iron chef and chopped. Iron chef was more fun, but still very hard on learning aspect of it.

Chopped on the other hand, well, that’s just plain silly. A list of ingredients that are so uncommon and so out of the box that it makes ordinary cooks cringe. I wouldn’t even know where to go with such ingredients. But then again I’m kinda stuck in my little box too. I don’t really dabble with my cooking. But I think that might change with people living with me.

You can apparently watched all the episodes on youtube.

Guy’s Grocery Game is another one of those silly games, but it’s Guy. And Guy is awesome. My favorite and AJ’s second favorite celebrity chef – right after Emeril Lagasse. Charasimatic cooks both of them, but Guy’s more my style.

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  1. I love Chopped! It amazes me how the contestants can look at the weird assortment of ingredients and think, “Okay. I know what to do with this.”

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