Guardian Angel

It’s Throwback Thursday.

It’s been a year since AJ wrote Guardian Angel for a writing contest. It’s been a year since Dev was first in my life. Sadly the man has evolved into what he was supposed to be in Alex.

While AJ and I love Sage and Dev and Dee, the relationship was forced even from the beginning. Sage and I fit together but then upon closer examination he wasn’t the guy who would be that rock I need(ed). Dev quickly filled the void, but he wasn’t Alex. Alex is something different, and in changing my story to reflect the change in my life, I think that my story is a lot more cohesive, and Alex isn’t just some side kick. As you’ll come to see he’s going to play a big part in the story to come. And not just as minor character. He has his own story to tell.

So honor both Dev and Alex and meet Sterling Durante. Eventually this little one will join us. Eventually something similar will happen. Sterling has an epic tale to tell us, I just need to fit it into things.


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