Gauging Interest

I’ve mentioned before that AJ is actually completely reworking Darwynn’s Law, which means that DL needs a new outline, and AJ can’t outline it until we get done with The Last Phoenix. So I’m gonna ask my faithful readers, if you’d be interested in seeing the story from Alex’s PoV?

AJ will share a few other bits and peices of the story that aren’t Alex’s PoV too. There will be a lot of repetative conversations you’ll have read except with Alex’s PoV.

This will give AJ time to flesh out DL correctly and still provide you with stories to read.

Comments baby! Let me know if this would interest you. Ambrose I’m looking at you since I know you’ll comment. I know there others of you who read regularly please don’t be afraid to comment. I won’t bite, I promise. Not even if you ask! Though I won’t say the same for Alex :)

We still got a bit to go with The Last Phoenix, AJ hasn’t finished it yet, but it’s getting there so I’m asking now before I run out of story.