Reality TV

There are some things in the world that I just don’t fucking get. I’m an eligible bachelor. Or I was at least one time in my life maybe not ever in story but still I was once upon a time. And I’ve never had the desire to prance around on TV wooing strange women? How the fuck is that reality TV?

And yes I get that reality TV has grown a lot since the days of yore when where was one reality TV show in existence. It was back when MTV ya know actually played music! The Real World must have show how stupid people could be cause now that’s all that’s on the idiot box – a bunch of idiots doing staged things. I guarantee it’s all scripted to make the numbers.

But then I guess you think about it Cops, and Unsolved Mysteries were kinda reality TV to. I don’t think AJ will watch Unsolved Mysteries now, I think the world has changed too much and today’s unsolved mysteries need to go back into the shadows. BUT, AJ just had a thought, what if those unsolved mysteries were all supernatural in nature. Venatori covering shit up. Fuck me. We have some of the weirdest fucking conversation cause of these random blog posts.

Anyway, I hate TV most of the time. So you can ignore my rants lol.