Head Case

You all know I’m a head case! Some of you love me for it, others I’m sure I annoy the fuck out of. I know my issues give my beau a headache sometimes. I wonder if a craniotomy or a lobotomy might be in order one day. Yeah let’s brain wash me? “Wait, didn’t the Venatori already do that”, I can hear Alex saying with that fucking gorgeous smirk on his lips.

Yes I’m falling fast for those pair of blue eyes. For those of you who read before, or before that, I do apologize for the change in love interest. But Dev was a poor imitation of Alex. And I couldn’t do it anymore. It was a great love square lol, and I do miss Sage but he’s my BFF now. And honestly that’s perfect for us. I got some geek in me cause of him so I’m not a complete dullard, though I’m no where near stellar at it.

I’d like to advertise again The Daily Spur. Get a daily dose of word prompts. It apparently goes off around 8pm CST time if that’s any indication for anyone else out there. It’s midnight UTC I think is the time the server is set to. But no clue.

If you don’t like the style of the words let AJ know. You can email her ajs.voices@gmail.com. She doesn’t have any issues with changing up the word list from what she’s currently using. The words can be a bit obscure or even annoying I’m sure. It’ll be funny if we get cat or something. So if you have a list that you’d like to see be used send it AJ’s way and she’ll replace it. A few thousand common words might be better than the entire english language.