The Daily Spur

AJ decided to do it. Decided to make a word prompt WordPress blog. It’s simple and she’ll likely play with the theme a little bit. Supposedly the word list she’s using has every word in the english language.

It’s set to post daily at midnight whatever time the server is set at. No clue, and AJ doesn’t know either. There are several words posted to day as AJ was testing out the format of the email that got sent. Then she reset the database so all those tests wouldn’t be counted as used since they weren’t used. But I’m not deleting the posts (or she’s not since I’m a figment of her imagination)

It’s called The Daily Spur. Your daily word prompt to spur on your writing.

It’s not as neat as the Daily Post but that’s because AJ can’t find a theme that works well with the ping backs. For now this one will work as pingbacks are permissive.

Today’s first officially counted word is tenebrous.

Hopefully this brightens up your tenebrous wordless day!