Shedding Some Light

Let me shed some luminescent light on the death of my mother. This is something AJ didn’t really highlight in the story. It’s an underlying fact that she wanted to bring forth but it got lost in the translation somewhere. I didn’t follow her plan.

I’m not sure how much ya’ll know about my mother. She was born to a human family. An active human family who liked camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains. A rogue therian of the wolf variety attacked their camp. My mother watched as it tore her family apart. Her mother, her father and even her twin sister. It grabbed hold of her, it’s teeth bearing down and piercing the skin but before it could do the same to her, a man came in. Shot the wolf in the head and saved my mother from a gruesome death.

The man was Venatori. He took her to the Infirmary in Boulder and they waited for the next full moon. Nothing happened. No death was required, but my mother was a frightened child with no other family. Both grandparents were either estranged or dead, and there were no aunts and uncles. Instead of sending her into the cold cruel human world, he took her to New York where she lived with Venatori, trained with them and was dogmaized by them.

My mother became a perfect human killing weapon for the Venatori.

She returned home to the mountains, and she met Kai Viddens and with their one or two night stand I was conceived. I sparked. I was thrown away and then came back only to watch my mother die a horrible death.

What I should have realized then was that my mother hadn’t died the same death as a human who rejected the transformation. A human typically dies on the full moon while they are trying to transform. Their bodies too weak, or sometimes they don’t really understand why a person doesn’t make the transition. My mother died like a Venatori. She died because the wolf theriantrophy inside of her was warring with the bear theriantrophy that was new to her system. My mother died because she was a non-turning werewolf.

Had I realized this, I might have understood a lot more about my life to come. But I don’t. And it’s not until The Evolution of Power that I actually get to see some of that knowledge come to the forefront. AJ dropped the ball there. We are hoping in the rewrite we do a better job of displaying this information that has been hidden from everyone for so long.

Anyway, I just thought I’d shed some light on it.