Maybe I had a premonition of days to come which is why I’ve been off. AJ’s doing something new for her and is totally anxiety inducing. AJ’s kinda crashing right now. Has a few hours of work left and can’t focus. On top of a crappy night. (for both of us)

So a different topic. Friday’s I got some character interviews coming. I think I have a new series on Wednesday’s for a little while (you’ll see tomorrow). There anything else you want to see? I mean other than more me?

Can I have a premonition about that? A dream maybe? Or maybe a divination (that’s Harry Potter right?) Maybe I’ll make AJ draw something for you once a week too… maybe not that might cut into me time. We’ll see. AJ does want to start drawing characters so maybe we’ll just start off with nameless features and go for what we can until we have real talent.. AJ doesn’t think she has any – but it’s a learned skill so let’s see… but it has to take prioirity. I make it one! Monday woman I want a character sketch!!!