Interviews Next Week

Next week, mostly because I know it’ll take a bit to write. I’m going to interview some of my fellow characters so you all can become conversant in them.

So if you have any favorites you want to know more about I’d love to hear from you. No matter how minor. What to know about Aaron Woolbright? groans okay, I’ll interview my arch nemesis.

I’ll have a list of questions I’ll ask, and I’m sure I’ll go off on a tangent. This will be more story like and be posted on Friday’s until I get bored with it. Or until AJ says no more.

So who do you want to get to know. I think I’ll do a few future characters but I won’t tell you who they are or what they do it’ll be like morphed voices and visages.

The only character who is off topic is Dev, because Dev’s character is morphing into a variation of his initial creation so my rock star won’t be making an appearance in the new books but rest assured he is there at the heart of things in a new guise. And because I want to spoil things a little he will play a much bigger role in the whole overall story – not just the man I fall in love with like he and Sage were.