Treat for You

I’m having issues with scheduling things it seems. Today you got two posts for the First Hunt. WordPress is becoming a constant pain in my ass. The scheduler keeps delaying my posts showing up. Like there are too many. And there aren’t really. I dunno.

AJ is doing some challenges. Writing a story in 25 words.

Here are three for you:

I thought I was in love and then stupid Cupid shot his arrow my way and I fell in love with another.

Blue eyes in the shadows wake me. It’s 4am. My heart is crushing my chest. It was so real, but you’d never hurt me.

This next one is in only 10 words:

Blood dripped from healing gashes. My nightmares scarred me again.

AJ’s thinking of doing the 25 words for each chapter or scene of the upcoming stories in the rewrite. It might be a good challenge.