Silly Questions

I had one of those weekends where I was spiraling down hill for no really good reason. AJ was playing games with her love and I had mine wrapped around me but my thoughts still spiraled down. No real reason.

So to help cheer me up and entertain you some silly questions to compromise my sanity.

Age: 25 at the start of the Last Phoneix (rewrite)
Biggest fear: That I will never be safe
Current Time: 8:57am
Drink you had last: Water
Everyday starts with: Yoga.
Favourite song right now: The Mountain by Three Days Grace

Ghosts, are they real?: Hell yeah. You’ll see some more of this soon!
Hometown: New York City. AJ saw a really cool picture on facebook.

Love someone?: Nope, well, I have strong feelings for people, my friends but is it love, not in the romantic type of way.
Jealous of?: The people who don’t have to straddle so many lines they don’t know what’s going on. A straight full Venatori hunter has a simpler life than a half Venatori boy who prefers the same sex but has leanings both ways. Not that I’d change my life at all. I’ve come to accept who I am.
killed someone?? Yes, more of this coming up.
Last time I cried: Two nights ago while AJ was running a scene and it was emotional!
Middle Name: Honestly I don’t have one.
Number of siblings: Do you want the answer I know? Or the real answer? I know I have 4 half-brothers and 1 half-sister on my Dad’s side. [[ What I don’t now is I have twin half brothers on my mom’s side. Who may or may not come into play at some point. But they exist. ]]
One wish: I wish I had a family that loved and accepted fully for who I am.
Person you last called: Probably Dea’lin or Dorian
Question you are always asked: “So you really like men?”
Reason to smile? Because I’m funny? Because I’m hiding the truth behind it. I smile even when I’m unhappy.
Song last sang: Worth Fighting For by My Darkest Days

Time you woke up: 4am
T shirt color: orange
Vacation destination: Paris or Rome for the culinary tour
Worst habit: Picking up after people?
X-rays you had: Last one was when I broke my arm jumping from the AU building
Your fav food: Steak and roasted veggies
Zodiac sign: Cancer

6 thoughts on “Silly Questions

  1. I tried to talk Ambrose and Robin into answering this round of questions, but they’re both still traumatized by the last group. Ambrose said that he was going on a long date and any and all interviewers were not invited. Robin locked himself in his room and he’s currently blasting 1980 ‘s rock music. Raven would gladly answer the questions, but he has a bad headache from dealing with Ambrose and Robin. He’s currently in bed with a cold compress across his forehead.

    On a side note, this answer made me smile: “Last time I cried: Two nights ago while AJ was running a scene and it was emotional!”. I’m imagining Nox reading over AJ’s shoulder and crying as she’s typing. I’m not sure who I should feel sorry for – Nox or AJ. Ehh, I’ll say Nox. Just because. :D

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    1. of course me! AJ wasn’t typing though, it was a night scenario used to fall asleep, which sometimes backfires and I keep AJ awake all night. AJ does a lot of pre-plotting/planning when she’s alone in her thoughts without the keyboard. We play with situations and they change until we like it. But sorry they were tramuatizing for your bunch lol… I think AJ decided to do those silly teenage shares for me on Facebook when her cousins do it… be interesting anyway. and maybe people will follow me there too.

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      1. I like to do that too, especially with upcoming parts that I know will be difficult or uncomfortable to write. I kind of play around with the scene in my head and try to figure out the best way to go about writing it. Most of the time what I write comes out completely different from what I planned. :lol:

        And don’t mind my guys. They just aren’t used to answering so many personal questions. It freaked them out a little. Poor sensitive vampires! :(

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      2. 80% of the time it never goes as planned. But we learn a lot. We’ve put together some pretty dramatic things just because of those night time scenarios. I am a child of those night time sccenarios actually.


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