Creation Myths

Every world and every religion around the world has their creation myths, their lore and their own legends. I know I’ve discussed the creation of the vampires. And the four races in the beginning.

And I’ve discussed a little about how the Venatori came to be. But what I didn’t do was tell you about the catalysts. These catalysts actually come into play in the last book and in the evolution of power. The finalizing of my arc. The place I’m meant to be.

By now you’ve all read that I’m the Ascendant, Regnans. And I think we’ve had a little lore on that. But there is much more to the story than that.

I am the third Ascendant. The first came as I did, three deaths, then a fourth risen from flames. While they don’t know exactly what happened to them, the stories are unclear as to what those where exactly, much like mine. There are several instances in my own life that I averted death. But the rising through fire is that fourth key.

The first was the time of the dinosaurs – the flames of course being the asteroid that killed most of life on earth. His name has been lost to legend, but he changed the world we lived in. Where it was brutal and the human race was nothing but prey to the greater races, he stopped it. He created the Clandestine Providence. The rules which govern all supernatural creatures.

No one knows what happened to him…

But the problem still continued, it wasn’t enough and that’s when the second was born. He created the Venatori. The races were still doing what they wanted, and he created a brand of police that would watch over all races – breeding with the humans, and the other races together to form the perfect police. But when they lost their immortality the breeding stopped and soon the immortal race Aeternus were killed by their own creation. And the Venatori policed the Supernatural without any regards to their rights as people.

And I was born. I am the third Ascendant meant to make change. What that change is we don’t know, but I am the herald of change. And for a guy who freaks out over change – that’s very ironic.