A Little Crazy?

We’ve been on a Three Days Grace kick these past few weeks so sorry if that’s all you get. But as AJ listens and I watch the lead singer do his thing we find a few songs that are pretty awesome. So What? is one of those songs. It’s catchy but it’s also very much a ‘theme’ song for AJ and myself.

I don’t care what others think about me. AJ’s the same way. And this song is perfect anthem for it.

And AJ drove home there was another one that fell into the vein of things, another of AJ’s favorite bands.

Good Charlotte, Green Day were some of AJ’s favorites. AJ remmembers listening to this CD over and over again.

And as an added bonus here is a final video one that you actually have to watch the video and not listen to the song. You Tube really knows how to suck you donw the rabbit hole!

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