For today’s F-word I’m going to Favorite Food. I’ll do other favorites as time goes on.

As the title suggests my favorite sweet thing is chocolate. Other than fruity things it’s really the only sweets I eat. Chocolate cake, chocolate bars.

But my favorite is hot chocolate. And while I can make a damn fine fresh cup of hot chocolate with milk and melted chocolate in just the right proportions, nothing beats a hot cup of powered hot cocoa in a mug and a good book. Hey don’t look at me like that. I can be a sap too!

AJ says ditto. But she’d rather have her laptop and writing. For which I am grateful otherwise I wouldn’t exist. And The First Vestige wouldn’t be finished. That’s right AJ completed the last scene late yesterday afternoon. It’s all scheduled up until like Dec 3. I just have to find images to go with all the remaining scenes.

NaNo is prepped and ready to start. And in the mean time while we wait to write AJ’s going to work on the outline for the evolution of power. There are some key things that need to happen and a few things from the first vestige that need to happen.

After Evolution is done, AJ intends to do a read through and make notes, jot down time line and characters and such. Real editing work. So after it’s done you might not get any new stories from me. Though after AJ has a read through of all my arc, she plans on writing from Sage’s PoV – currently called The Wicked Truth – my story from Sage’s point of view intermingled with his own story. AJ’s going to throw more of Sageisms in and put more of hints of what he’s doing in my story.

Dabble is going to be a life saver in this. Aeon Timeline 2 too.

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