High Road

I missed Tune Tuesday this week, so I’m going to do it today fuck ‘tradition’. AJ wasn’t in the headspace. And I wasn’t being pushy for some reason. Hey I took the High Road! That wasn’t intended.

I’m completely falling in love with Three Days Grace. So not my typical music, but AJ loves it. Dev and Sage make me listen to their music trying to make me human I guess. Apparently my wide plethora of music bothers them. This is one of my favorite songs! And the lead is kinda cute too…

This song is so my life. Maybe that’s why it called to me when I first listened to it. AJ had to actually read the lyrics while the song played. She has a problem getting the meaning of the song through song itself. I mean she heard the words, understood them, but comprehension is better when reading. She learns that way.

Not the typical mosh pit song that AJ listens to but she likes it too. I really do hope that Dev and Sage know that jumping up and down doesn’t constitute dancing. Here is one of their typical songs from the same session. One of AJ’s favorite!

And a bonus. I like this one too.