And With Great Power

AJ has outlined her NaNo project.

A Dream Sequence that gives Sage Morgan his boyfriend’s superpowers and allows him to see the world from that unique perspective. Will he go rogue or will he choose to be a superhero too?


Is anyone interested in reading it? No? Too bad you will get it maybe not in November but we’ll see, depends on where The First Vestige is at Nov 1 in terms of posting to the blog.

7 thoughts on “And With Great Power

  1. Sounds fun and love the picture, well done AJ! But wait, a story not starring Nox… shocking! Hope you will be okay :P

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    1. I’ll survive. I get to make all sorts of commentary

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      1. So if this was a movie, you’d be the director’s commentary? lol

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  2. I’m interested! :D

    “Will he go rogue or will he choose to be a superhero too?” I’m thinking he’d probably go rogue, for some reason, and Nox would have to defeat him/wallop sense into him. I know one thing for sure: Suddenly having Nox’s powers would freak Sage out and possibly give him a new appreciation for what Nox can do.

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    1. Lol. I’d love to elaborate but it gives things away in both stories.

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