Late People

I hate people who are late. I hate being late. I don’t care how fashionable it might be. It’s fucking rude!

Needless to say. Over the weekend and the following few days afterwards I might be late posting or not posting at all. It all depends on the weather. As of the latest predictive model by NOAA AJ is located in the middle of that cone of uncertainty. We’ve been on the edge a few times this year, but this is the first one that has AJ’s home in its path.

So I might be late. I might not post. My story is scheduled till middle of October so you’ll see that. I’m working on scheduling next weeks themed posts, but daily posts might not work – all depends on power and internet.

But have no fear, this is nothing. AJ’s lived in the deep south for 13 years, lived through Katrina and some other hurricanes and tropical storms. If anything happens it will only be to things. People will be safe out of harms way if it comes this way. So no worries. But I wanted to give ya a heads up I might disappear for a little. I will be back!

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